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Schumacher congratulates Vettel on title

ESPNF1 Staff
November 14, 2010 « Mission accomplished, says Button | »
Michael Schumacher narrowly avoided a serious accident after Tonio Liuzzi hit his Mercedes © Getty Images

Michael Schumacher congratulated close friend Sebastian Vettel on winning his first drivers' title after an Abu Dhabi Grand Prix that saw him walk away from a frightening collision with Tonio Liuzzi that could have ended in disaster.

"First of all, big congratulations to Sebastian for his great victory and taking the title today," said Schumacher. "That was extremely well done after his season was so mixed but he was able to come back strongly in the last few races."

In an attempt to defend position from team-mate Nico Rosberg on the first lap, Schumacher spun his Mercedes and was facing the way of oncoming traffic. Unable to put the brakes on in time, Tonio Liuzzi ploughed into Schumacher's car, his front wing and nosecone just missing the seven-time world champion's head.

"I am totally fine and was not hit by anything in the incident. I had to go to the medical centre just for a precautionary check. I went off the line, spun and because of the dirt there, the back of the car just came around. It was even scarier from inside the cockpit - I was like a ramp for the guys to just drive up on me. Luckily the safety is very high and nothing happened. I am fine and was not hit by anything.

"It's a shame obviously as I would have liked to finish the season with a more positive ending but I am already looking forward to fighting again next year. I would like to say thank you to everybody in our team for all of their hard work."