• Abu Dhabi Grand Prix - FP2

Vettel was 'too greedy'

ESPNF1 Staff
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Sebastian Vettel was fortunate to be able to get back out on track after his crash © Getty Images

Sebastian Vettel said that he was "too greedy" in to turn 1, which led to him crashing during the second practice session for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

Vettel lost the rear end of the car under braking for turn 1, sliding sideways across the runoff area and in to the barriers. Fortunately the damage was minimal, with just a broken front wing needing to be replaced once the car was returned to the pits, allowing Vettel to get back out on track before the end of the session.

Vettel said he took too much kerb on the way in to the corner, and admitted that he was lucky that he didn't sustain heavier damage.

"I lost the car at the entrance," Vettel said. "I was obviously a little bit too wide, a little bit too much on the kerb, and I lost the rear. I couldn't catch the car any more. I was quite lucky to get out again at the end, there wasn't any damage apart from the front wing, which was good information. So we'll see what we can do now."

In admitting fault, Vettel also denied that there was any problem with the track surface after both Felipe Massa and Fernando Alonso also went off there.

"No I think I was just a bit too greedy, I wanted a bit too much of the entrance, I was a bit too late and too much on the kerbs. If you just brush it a little bit it's fine, you can see there are some black marks as well, but if you go a little bit beyond that, there's dust on it, it's not asphalt, so there's less grip. I wanted a bit too much."