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Australian GP boss labels F1 drivers 'prima donnas'

ESPNF1 Staff
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Ron Walker, boss of the Australian Grand Prix © Sutton Images

The boss of the Australian Grand Prix Ron Walker has labelled Formula One drivers "lazy prima donnas" after they complained about low light levels at this year's race.

In 2011 the start time will be brought an hour earlier after the FIA deemed this year's rain-hit race to be too dark. The event started at 5.00pm local time to allow it to be broadcast at a more sociable hour in Europe, but drivers such as Michael Schumacher complained about the conditions.

"I understand that the FIA has measured (light levels at Melbourne) and will take action for next year," Schumacher said. "It was certainly too dark. But at least there seem to be some guidelines now as to what light conditions you have to have as a minimum for the future."

But Walker completely disagrees with the drivers and told Australia's Herald Sun that the complaints would have to be backed up by strong scientific evidence.

"It's clearly not dangerous," he said. "You can't please these drivers, they are a bunch of lazy people who won't do anything to help the sport, except for two or three. A lot of drivers are prima donnas. They are never happy."

The local government has ruled out the option of running a night race similar to Singapore's to get around the problem.