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Alternative venue 'impractical' if Bahrain GP scrapped

ESPNF1 Staff
February 17, 2011 « Formula One has no rights to F1 abbreviation | »

Although Formula One bosses refuse, for now, to discuss the possibility the season-opening Bahrain Grand Prix could be cancelled, there is increasing speculation within the F1 world that is now an increasing possibility.

The situation in Bahrain deteriorated markedly on Wednesday night, and within hours the GP2 Asia race scheduled for this weekend was cancelled, leaving teams , who are already there, packing up and heading home.

The final round of Formula One testing is meant to start in Bahrain on March 3 and teams already have freight en route to the state. Virgin boss John Booth said the latest a decision could be taken regarding the tests was February 25 as remaining equipment would need to be sent by then. That would allow time for them to be rescheduled elsewhere - Abu Dhabi and Barcelona are favourites.

But speculation the grand prix itself could be switched was dismissed by Booth. "Impractical," he told the BBC. "Our sea freight, like every other team's, left for Bahrain a month ago, and a lot of the equipment in the sea freight is vital of the running of the cars. So to run it somewhere else would be very difficult."

A change of venue would also pose massive logistical problems for broadcasters, the media and spectators.