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Teams rely on Bernie and the FIA

ESPNF1 Staff
February 18, 2011 « Liuzzi to test for HRT over weekend | »

The Formula One teams will abide by the recommendations of Bernie Ecclestone and the FIA with regards to the Bahrain Grand Prix.

The announcement, made by Christian Horner on behalf of the Formula One Teams' Association (FOTA), came after the teams held a meeting at the end of the first day's testing at Barcelona.

"It's obviously a really difficult situation in Bahrain, but we have complete trust in Bernie, FOM and the FIA to make the right decision," Horner said. "They will only send us there if it is safe.

"It would be a great shame to lose the race, but it's not the teams' decision. It's down to the promoter. Bernie and the FIA will have much more information than us and we will trust their decisions."

The teams also said they would wait for an announcement on the race before deciding on whether the final test session in Bahrain starting on March 3 will proceed.

"One is linked to the other; they are only a week apart," Horner explained. "It wouldn't make sense to go and test there if the race wasn't to happen. We will wait for feedback from FOM and the FIA and make a decision accordingly. We're looking at some alternatives because we don't know whether we can go to Bahrain."

Ecclestone earlier said he expected a decision "by the middle of next week".

Horner's comments against the backdrop of reports of an escalation in violence in Bahrain on Friday.