13:20 Welcome to ESPNF1's live coverage of the Belgian Grand Prix. We should be set for a thrilling race today, with a nicely mixed up grid and one of the best circuits in Formula One.

13:25 Just to fill you in on some news this morning, Michael Schumacher has had his engine changed after Mercedes found a problem with his new unit for this weekend. He will not have a penalty as he has not yet used more than eight engines, but he is now using an old engine while the other cars have new ones fitted. It also means he will not be able to use that engine again this year, which will make things a little bit tight later in the season.

13:30 After yesterday's qualifying Jenson Button is undoubtedly the favourite to win this race. He qualified on pole by 0.3s from Kamui Kobayahsi in second, who is confident he will be even quicker in the race. Kimi Raikkonen is probably Button's main competitor, though, as he has a very quick race car. What's more the temperatures are rising and that should suit the Lotus.


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Fernando Alonso shouldn't be ruled out from fifth on the grid. His car has been quick in the race and you can be sure that he will jump on any opportunity that presents itself through safety cars, accidents or strategy.

13:38 And then there's Lewis Hamilton... He opted to run a high-downforce, high-drag set-up yesterday and a post on Twitter of his telemetry showed that he lost 1.1s on the straights as a result. He simply wasn't comfortable with the new low-drag wing, but Button proved just how quick it was by taking pole. Now he's stuck with the old wing due to parc ferme regulations, but he is hoping that will benefit him with tyre wear.

13:40 Nico Hulkenberg says there's lots of dirt and dust on the circuit and grip levels are low. Could be an interesting first lap.

13:42 Schumacher's car has made the grid. But there is still a lot of work going on, including a change of tyre pressures.

13:43 Kobayashi tells the BBC a win is possible, but says he wants to get excited about it after the race and not now.

13:47 We've had the Belgian national anthem and we are now 13 minutes away from the start of the race. Button tells Sky he does not think he's got it covered - as in he doesn't think the win is his. But he does seem very calm.

13:50 Schumacher says he's going to try to attack from 13th on the grid. He seemed happy enough so hopefully that engine problem is all sorted. They also had some concerns about KERS about 50 mins before the race.

13:54 Just to confirm it is beautifully sunny in Spa-Francorchamps today. Air temperature is 20C, track temperature is 34C

13:57 The drivers are all buckled into their cars. The tyre warmers are still on, but we'll let you know who is on what tyres outside the top ten once they get started on the formation lap.

13:59 Hulkenberg and Rosberg are the only two drivers starting on the hard tyres. Everyone else is on mediums.

14:00 The formation lap is underway. All the cars are away from the grid cleanly.

14:03 The cars line up on the grid... Kobayashi's brakes are smoking heavily

Lap 1

Huge accident between Hamilton, Grosjean and Alonso.

Safety car out. Hamilton got on the grass, hit Grosjean and then the Lotus flew up into the air and hit Alonso.

Alonso takes a while to get out of the car but he is now on his feet and taking to the doctor. Grosjean's car flew close to his head.

Maldonado almost certainly jumped the start.

Lap 2

The two Force Indias, Schumacher and the Toro Rossos have gained massively. Perez has also retired on the first lap. Kobayashi has come into the pits for a new wing. He got a terrible start. He also has a hole in his sidepod as he got taken out by the Hamilton, Grosjean, Alonso accident.

Looking at the replay, you'd have to blame Grosjean, if anyone for that one. He moved across on Hamilton as the McLaren went down the inside. Grosjean's Lotus came so close to Alonso's helmet.

Lap 3

Vettel has also pitted, presumably with a puncture. There was a lot of debris on the track after that accident.

Maldonado also spun coming out of La Source. So despite jumping the start he was at the back of the queue and then had to pit.

Lap 4

The safety car is still out. Raikkonen told to continue to work on his tyre temperatures. He's in second and will fancy his chances of a good result with all the championship contenders either out of the race or out of position.

Worth mentioning that Kovalainen's Caterham is up to tenth. What he would give to hold onto that position.

Safety car in this lap.

Lap 5

Button gets a good restart to lead Raikkonen and the two Force Indias through La Source.

Massa makes a mistake through Eau Rouge but still managed to hold off Vettel with the help of Kovalainen.

Hulkenberg is past Raikkonen. Presumably at Les Combes.

Maldonado is out of the race with a broken front wing.

Lap 6

Button leads by 2.8s from Hulkenberg. Raikkonen is 1.1s off the Force India and 0.9s ahead of di Resta.

But Schumacher has moved up to fourth with a move on di Resta at Les Combes.

Webber is attacking Senna for eighth. They have the Toro Rossos ahead of them.

Alonso is back in the Ferrari garage and looking quite relaxed.

Lap 7

Button now leads by 3.6s from Hulkenberg. Raikkonen remains in third with Schumacher closing fast.

Ricciardo isn't hanging around and is close on the back of di Resta for fifth.

Lap 8

Vettel passes Massa into the chicane for 10th place.

Webber attacks Senna but the Williams has better straight-line speed and defends into Les Combes.

Raikkonen has been told to attack Hulkenberg but has greater concerns about Schumacher behind him in fourth.

Lap 9

Button crosses the line 5.2s ahead of Hulkenberg.

Raikkonen is 1.1s behind Hulkenberg, Schumacher is 1.0s behind the Lotus.

Ricciardo attempts to pass di Resta into Les Combes for fifth but can't quite make the move stick.

Webber is all over the back of Senna in the twisty bits but hopelessly slower on the straights. Vettel asks to mix up his strategy as he is in traffic.

But despite that passes team-mate Webber into the final chicane. Impressive move, Webber had to yield but it was genuine racing.

Lap 10

Ricciardo makes his move stick on di Resta at Les Combes to take fifth place. Impressive stuff from the Toro Rosso. Now Vergne is on the back of di Resta.

Button's lead is now 5.6s but it's all kicking off behind, with Vettel all over the back of Senna.

Lap 11

Di Resta pits for hard tyres. That's the compound his team-mate Hulkenberg is on.

Schumacher is past Raikkonen. He made the move stick around the outside of Les Combes and forces Raikkonen to yield. Great move and the Mercedes looks quick at the moment.

Lap 12

Raikkonen now pits, as does Webber. Both take on hard tyres.

Button is 6.9s in the lead as he is told by his team that the first cars are starting to pit.

Vettel is still stuck behind Senna and now losing time again to team-mate Webber who is on clear air.

Raikkonen is looking very quick in the middle sector. Those new tyres are clearly working.

Lap 13

Massa pits on this lap, but surprisingly Vettel stays out. He tries to pass Senna into La Source but can't make a move stick.

Hulkenberg will pit this lap, and he's on the hards. Button must be thinking about pitting soon with Raikkonen going so quickly in clean air.

Vettel finally makes the move stick into the final chicane. He's now fifth and ahead of Senna as Hulkenberg does indeed pit.

Lap 14

Button's lead over Schumacher is now 10.8s. Raikkonen has just set the fastest lap but is now stuck behind Rosberg.

And Raikkonen is ahead of Hulkenberg now. Ricciardo also remained ahead of di Resta in the pit stops.

Lap 15

Vettel passes Vergne into Les Combes as Raikkonen performs the same move on Rosberg to get back in clear air.

Lap 16

Button stays out for another lap and now leads Schumacher by 12.3s. Vettel is 5.6s behind Schumacher and closing.

Crash in the pit lane as Kovalainen is released into Karthikeyan. That will probably result in a penalty. There is damage to the Caterham.

Lap 17

Button continues to extend his lead over Schumacher but Raikkonen is now 23.6s off the McLaren. Surely Button is aiming for a one-stop. He still has the hard tyres to take on, but if he was matching Raikkonen's two-stop he would have pitted now.

Button says the tyres feel better now than they did five laps ago so it sounds like he is happy to make the one-stop work.

Lap 18

Vettel is now 2.9s off Schumacher. They are both one-stopping too by the looks of it. But Raikkonen is just 6.0s off Vettel so should stand a good chance of taking second by the end of the race.

Hulkenberg definitely on a two-stop as he is told the tyres need to last another eight laps.

Lap 19

A replay shows Massa passing Rosberg for eighth place at La Source. Rosberg now has a queue behind him as he is a one-stopper out of sync with the two-stoppers around him.

Lap 20

Button continues for another lap. Vettel attempts to pass Schumacher into the final chicane. Schumacher dives for the pits, Vettel stays out as he was told to do the opposite to Schumacher by his team just before that corner.

Lap 21

Button pits. Fantastic stop timed at 2.6s. Button comes out ahead of Raikkonen and now will be hoping to go until the end of the race. Raikkonen still needs to make a stop, so to make his strategy work needs to get ahead of Button.

Schumacher has come out behind Massa on the track.

Lap 22

Vettel pits for his only pit stop. On go hard tyres and he comes out behind Massa and just ahead of Ricciardo. Those two are on two-stoppers. Schumacher, on a one-stop, is all over the back of Ricciardo and has lost a place to Vettel in the stops.

Lap 23

So, Button leads Raikkonen by 8.5s with a pit stop in hand. Hulkenberg is 4.2s behind the Lotus and Webber is closing on the Force India, 1.7s behind.

Vettel makes his favourite move stick again into the final chicane. This time he pulls the pass on Massa to move up to fifth.

Button can't hear his team very well, but apart from that I suspect he will have no complaints.

Lap 24

The incident when Schumacher went into the pits in front of Vettel is being investigated by the stewards.

Button now has a lead of 9.0s over Raikkonen and 19.5s over the next one-stopper Vettel. This is now his race to lose.

Vettel isn't hanging around though and sets the fastest lap. He's in a race with Raikkonen here and is 9.0s behind the Lotus on the track.

Lap 25

Vettel is the only man lapping faster than Button. The Red Bull is about to catch his team-mate Webber on track, who is in his own battle with Hulkenberg.

Lap 26

Webber gets a message over the radio saying Raikkonen and Hulkenberg are expected to stop again, which suggests he might stay out on this set of tyres. That would be a big ask, but would explain why Vettel is pushing so hard behind him.

Lap 27

Button continues to extend his lead over Raikkonen as the Lotus driver is told to save 10% KERS on each lap.

Di Resta pits again. He's now down in 11th.

Lap 28

Webber pits now. As does Hulkenberg. The Force India remains ahead as they leave the pits. And filters back onto the track ahead of Ricciardo, with Webber behind the Toro Rosso.

Schumacher is told he is racing Raikkonen. Remember Schumacher is on a one-stop and 14s behind the Lotus that is about to pit on this lap.

Lap 29

Raikkonen pits and he comes out behind Schumacher but ahead of Hulkenberg. The Lotus now has fresh tyres with Schumacher just ahead on nine-lap old tyres. Vettel is a further 9.0s up the road.

Lap 30

Button is 15.1s ahead of Vettel. Schumacher is 10.3s behind Vettel and Raikkonen is all over the back of him.

Webber's release from his pit stop is being investigated as he came a little close to Massa at his last stop.

Lap 31

Vettel is still faster than Button and the gap is down to 14.7s but the feeling is that the McLaren is pacing itself over the next 14 laps.

Raikkonen is still stick behind Schumacher and locks a brake into Les Combes trying to pass. We saw how quick Schumacher's car was in a straight line earlier, so Raikkonen has a tough fight on his hands.

Karthikeyan spins off at Stavelot.

Lap 32

Raikkonen makes the move stick in the final chicane. Good clean move but Schumacher now has the DRS on the Kemmel Straight.

And Schumacher does get back past. Remember Raikkonen also has a KERS problem.

Lap 33

Raikkonen still behind Schumacher as they start the next lap. Hulkenberg and Webber are also engaged in a tight battle behind them.

Raikkonen simply doesn't have the speed to pass Schumacher in the DRS zone. He'll have to make the move stick into the final chicane again and then hope he can break the two on the next lap.

Yellow flags are still out at Stavelot for Karthikeyan.

Lap 34

Schumacher gets a bad exit from La Source and Raikkonen passes through Eau Rouge. This time Raikkonen holds the position and is pulling clear. Hulkenberg attacks Schumacher but has Webber all over his gearbox too. They end up holding position.

Lap 35

Fantastic racing, but Raikkonen is now 15.2s off Vettel. He's on fresher tyres and is roughly 0.8s a lap faster but has just nine laps remaining.

Schumacher now loses a place to Hulkenberg out of La Source, but Schumacher fights back in the DRS zone and takes the position back in Les Combes.

Schumacher told Mercedes is thinking of switching to plan B, I imagine that is new tyres.

Lap 36

Hulkenberg passes Schumacher into the final chicane and Mercedes call Schumacher into the pits. A shame because that will drop him well down the order.

Massa passes Webber into Les Combes for fifth. He was closing over the last few laps as Webber and Hulkenberg got caught behind Schumacher.

Rosberg is also losing places with Vergne and Ricciardo passing the Mercedes. The tyres are quite clearly ruined on Rosberg's car ... and he pits.

Lap 37

Button is still 14.3s clear of Vettel at the front. Raikkonen is 13.8s off Vettel. Hulkenberg is now 5.3s off Raikkonen but needs to worry more about Massa behind than Raikkonen ahead.

Lap 38

Raikkonen loses 0.6s to Vettel on that last lap as he emerges on the pit straight fighting his way past two Marussia backmarkers.

The most exciting battle is the one between Hulkenberg, Massa and Webber. But as I type that we see Vergne (two stopping) attacking Senna (one-stopping) for eighth place.

Lap 39

Webber is all over the back of Massa now as they pass the battling Marussias.

Rosberg sets a fastest lap thanks to his new tyres. But he's back in 12th after that pit stop.

Vergne passes Senna into Les Combes. Ricciardo and di Resta are now looking for a way past the Williams.

Ricciardo gets past Senna around the outside outside of Blanchimont and Senna pits with four laps to go.

Lap 40

Button's gap is now 13.1s over Vettel.

There are now reports that Schumacher has lost sixth gear. He's currently seventh and 7.7s ahead of Vergne. But his lap times aren't terrible by comparison.

Lap 41

So the top three look set for the rest of the race with roughly 14s separating each of the cars. Hulkenberg is now just 3.6s off Raikkonen and 2.5s ahead of Massa. Webber is still a second off the back of Massa.

Lap 42

If Schumacher does have a problem it isn't slowing him down too much. He's now 8.6s ahead of Vergne. Having said that his last lap time was slower than the cars around him.

Lap 43

Button starts his penultimate lap. He's 14.4s clear of Vettel, who is 12.4s clear of Vettel.

Raikkonen is told to push harder because Hulkenberg is 3.1s behind. He replies saying "give me full power" which suggests he has been running on a slower fuel mixture.

Schumacher looks fine, 7.6s clear of Vergne.

Lap 44

Button wins in Belgium with a series of burn outs down the pit straight to celebrate. Vettel takes second ahead of Raikkonen and Hulkenberg. Massa takes fifth and Webber sixth.

Schumacher holds on to seventh ahead of Vergne, Ricciardo and di Resta.

Button celebrates with his team and gets a kiss from girlfriend Jessica Michibata.

Button starts his final lap. Vettel does the same, 14.5s behind. Raikkonen has a three second gap over Hulkenberg.

Thanks for joining us for the Belgian Grand Prix. A great victory for Button which proves his return to form. He's now 63 points off Alonso in the drivers' championship so the dream is just about still alive.