13.30 Welcome to ESPNF1's live commentary of the Canadian Grand Prix. It's hot and sunny in Montreal and we should be set for a close and interesting race over the next couple of hours. We'll keep you up to date with what happens on each lap of the race while offering live standings so you can keep track of where your favourite driver is.

13.34 Sebastian Vettel took pole position yesterday by a whopping 0.3s from Lewis Hamilton, but McLaren is confident of being closer today and Ferrari is also in the running with Fernando Alonso starting from third.

13.35 Strategy-wise we are looking at either a one-stop or two-stop strategy depending how the drivers can manage their tyres over the first stint. The hotter conditions should mean the tyres are given a slightly harder time and that will mean those that are harder on their tyres will have to make an extra stop.

13.38 The good news is overtaking is possible here, especially in the DRS zone leading up to the final chicane, so it if the tyres start to go off on one car, the following car will be able to take advantage.

13.40 There's also a ver high chance of a safety car around here as the walls are very close to the corner exits and there is no space for the marshals to move broken cars off the track. That could help drivers that a borderline for a one-stop strategy if they can look after their tyres.

13.42 McLaren technical director Paddy Lowe was saying yesterday that drivers that nailed their warm-up with tyres yesterday might just be tipped over the edge in the hotter temperatures today. If that is the case Hamilton could be better off than Vettel. However, Hamilton was not so optimistic saying that if you struggle to get your tyres up to temperature you slide more and then they degrade. Basically, it's anyone's guess!

13.46 Adrian Newey tells Sky that he's been having a close look at the Ferrari, which is running a new exhaust system this weekend that seems to be having the desired effect. However, he said the Ferrari design would not necessary carry over to Red Bull's car.

13.48 The disappointments of this weekend so far have been Mercedes and Lotus, neither of which have lived up to expectations at the start of the weekend. However, all the teams target their cars towards race set-up over qualifying set-up and that could mean some of the cars lower down come good in the race on heavier fuel.

13.50 McLaren chairman Ron Dennis says he's hoping Button can move up on the grid on his alternative startegy. After using all his super-soft tyres ahead of Q3, Button qualified on the soft tyres and will start the race on that compound while the nine cars ahead are on the super-soft compund.

13.54 The safety car has left the front of the grid which is a signal for everyone to get belted in their cars.

13.57 Di Resta is reminded by his team to keep an eye on his temperatures as he completes the warm-up lap as he will be spending a little longer on the grid than usual because he's starting eighth.

13.58 Our data is saying Button, Raikkonen, Hulkenberg, Perez, de la Rosa and Maldonado we'll try to get a visual confirmation on that.

14.00 The cars all get away cleanly on their formation lap. I can confirm Raikkonen is starting on soft tyres.

14.01 Schumacher told to get more temperature in his rear tyres on the back straight. The cars are now lining up on the grid.

Lap 1

Vettel makes a clean start and leads into the first corner. Rosberg and Webber scrap over position for fourth but don't touch. The rest of the field get through cleanly.

Lap 2

Vettel leads by 1.1s after the first lap as Rosberg comes under pressure from Massa as he defends fifth. The Ferrari is eased onto the outside of turn one and has to back off.

Lap 3

Massa passes Rosberg into the final chicane at the end of the last lap.

Vettel extends his lead to 1.4s. Alonso 0.7s off the McLaren.

Lap 4

Di Resta now passes Rosberg into the final corner for sixth. Rosberg is moving backwards after a decent start.

Vettel is wasting no time, setting fastest sectors on each lap. This is reminiscent of the way he went about winning races last year.

Lap 5

Vettel now leads by 1.9s. But don't forget that he also got off to a great start in Bahrain and then came under pressure from the Lotuses later in the race.

Alonso is still 0.7s off Hamilton but can't find a way past in the DRS zone.

Lap 6

Massa has spun in turn two. He drops to 13th place. He lost the rear coming out of turn one and then slid wide in two.

Lap 7

Rosberg is told to look after his rear tyres as he comes under pressure from Grosjean. Mercedes has been struggling to find a balance all weekend.

Looks like Massa nearly hit the wall at the end of the last lap too. His race is falling apart a bit.

Lap 8

Vettel now leads by 1.9s. Alonso, who is 1.9s off Hamilton, is told to look after his tyres. Maybe we'll see a few more pit stops than we first thought.

Raikkonen is all over the back of Button as they battle over tenth.

Lap 9

Vettel extends his lead to 2.1s at the front as he settles into this race. Alonso is now 1.6s off Hamilton.

Rosberg told to save fuel, as if the tyre problems weren't enough!

Lap 10

Hamilton closes the gap to 1.8s as the lead starts to yo-yo. The pit window is open according to Force India so we might see some stops soon.

Di Resta has a bit of a queue forming behind him as he drops off the back of Webber's Red Bull in fourth.

Lap 11

Button told the super-soft tyres on his rivals' cars are showing signs of degradation. He's sitting relatively pretty on a set of softs.

Hamilton has chipped away at Vettel's lead again. It's now 1.5s

Lap 12

2.9s covers the top three cars, but Hamilton looks as if he is closing on the Red Bull.

Di Resta says he's struggling on the rear tyres as Rosberg closes in on his gearbox.

Lap 13

Massa pits. He'll be happy to see the back of those super-soft tyres as he flatspotted all four when he spun off. He takes on soft tyres for this stint.

Di Resta is coming in on this lap.

Lap 14

Di Resta does pit and releases Rosberg. Schumacher also pits from ninth. Those two cars come out in 15th and 17th with Kovalainen's Caterham in between.

Raikkonen is still close to the back of Button and beats him into the final chicane.

Lap 15

Button then comes under attack from Kobayashi in turn one but he holds the Sauber off.

At the front Hamilton has the gap down to 1.2s.

Lap 16

Hamilton closes the gap to 0.7s on that last lap. Now we have a race on! Alonso is close behind too.

Button pits, not a great stop. He takes on super-softs.

Hamilton all over the back of Vettel now, who needs to pit soon.

Lap 17

Vettel does pit. Soft tyres go on the Red Bull and that should prompt Hamilton to pit. Hamilton and Vettel got very close on that last lap at the hairpin.

Lap 18

Hamilton does pit but Alonso stays out and is looking racey. Hamilton has a slow getaway but he comes out in front of Vettel.

Hamilton nailed his in lap and that allowed him to jump Vettel even with a slight delay as he pulled out of his pit box.

What will Alonso do?

Lap 19

Alonso opts to stay out and is looking quick on his tyres. Meanwhile, Hamilton is coming under pressure from Vettel in the final chicane.

He keeps the Red Bull behind but this could be costing them crucial time to Alonso.

Lap 20

Alonso pits. Good stop by Ferrari and he comes out ahead of Hamilton. Impressive stuff from the Spaniard.

He's now got cold tyres and is under pressure from the McLaren. Can Hamilton get him in the DRS zone? Yes he can! Hamilton takes the lead.

Lap 21

Alonso now under pressure from Vettel but his tyres will be coming up to temperature.

I should say that Grosejan is leading because he hasn't stopped, but he will come out behind the McLaren, Ferrari, Red Bull pack.

Lap 22

Grosjean pits from the lead. It's working out well for Lotus with Raikkonen on the back of the top three on older soft tyres. The Saubers are also at the back of that train but haven't pitted either.

Lap 23

Hamilton leads by 1.4s from Alonso, who is 0.4s ahead of Vettel and putting pressure on the Ferrari.

Lap 24

A brief yellow falg at turn one after Karthikeyan spun. And now he has retired and parked his HRT.

Meanwhile, Hamilton extends his lead to 2.1s as Alonso looks less comfortable on these soft tyres.

Lap 25

Vettel crosses the line 0.3s off Alonso.

Kobayashi pits after 25 laps on the super-soft tyres. He should be able to one-stop from there as he takes on soft tyres. He's come out in 12th behind di Resta but ahead of Schumacher.

Lap 26

Hamilton now leads by 2.8s. Alonso holds a narrow lead over Vettel for second. Raikkonen is holding onto the back of Vettel and has yet to pit.

Lap 27

And Hamilton continues his impressive form with his lead now at 3.1s.

De la Rosa retires with what looks like brake problems. Black smoke pouring out of the front left.

Lap 28

Vettel is 0.6s off Alonso and looks unlikely to pass anytime soon. Time to save tyres and fuel. Most the teams bank on a safety car to save fuel in this race so they will be marginal throughout the race if there isn't an accident.

Lap 29

Hamilton's lead is now 3.4s and he is told to make sure he can run to target in this stint, presumably with tyre degradation and fuel levels.

Lap 30

Vettel has now dropped to 1.1s off Alonso. It's also important to keep the engines and brakes cool in these conditions and running close behind another car does not help.

Webber is closing on Perez, who hasn't stopped, and needs to find a way past to make his startegy work.

Lap 31

Raikkonen and Perez in fourth and fifth have yet to pit whereas Webber has. They are all on soft tyres, albeit of different vintages.

Schumacher is 12th at the momnet and 1.0s off Kobayashi.

Lap 32

Hamilton leads by 3.3s as he stabalises the gap to Alonso. Vettel is still 0.9s off Alonso.

Lap 33

Perez is now closing on the back of Raikkonen and is told that his tyres are still looking very good. Both of those drivers are hoping to eke out a one-stop strategy here.

Lap 34

Hamilton leads by 3.7s as he starts lap 34. Vettel is 1.3s off the Ferrari.

Button told to pit again. This is his second stop and his race is falling apart. More super-soft tyres go on his car.

The gap between Vettel and Raikkonen is 5.3s.

Lap 35

Raikkonen, Perez and Webber are now in close company. 0.5s between each car. As I typed earlier, Webber needs to find a way past. He looks fast but doesn't have the straight-line speed to make a move stick.

Lap 36

Hamilton extends his lead to 4.0s as he continues to control this race from the front. Alonso has a 1.7s lead over Vettel, who is 5.8s ahead of Raikkonen, Perez and Webber.

Lap 37

Pirelli's Paul Hembery says: "Are Kimi and Perez going for a surprise one stop. Temp slowly dropping , less fuel. Fascinating"

So that suggests the others will two stop, which is no surprise. Button looks on for a three-stop and is currently 17th!

Lap 38

Hamilton leads by 4.1s with Alonso 1.7s ahead of Vettel. Tyre management is key here ahead of the final stint. After last year's race this is something of a chess match, but still interesting as the drivers have to manage their tyres.

Lap 39

More complaints from Button as he struggles for grip.

Rosberg pits. He's trying to undercut Webber, who's in traffic, and will now try to go to the end of the race on those softs.

Lap 40

Webber's had a slow lap and now has Grosjean all over the back of him. He lost the rear at turn seven and that will do nothing for his fight with Rosberg, who is flying on his soft tyres.

Lap 41

Raikkonen pits and takes on super-soft tyres that he is hoping to go to the end of the race on.

Raikkonen comes out ahead of Rosberg in eighth.

Meanwhile, Schumacher and Kobayashi are scrapping over 11th with the Mercedes passing at the hairpin but the Sauber getting the place back in the chicane.

Lap 42

Perez pits and comes out alongside Rosberg who has managed to pass Raikkonen into turn one. So Rosberg did well to get past the Lotus because if he hadn't he would have lost two positions to Raikkonen and Perez.

Lap 43

Hamilton's lead is now 3.5s from Alonso. Vettel is now 2.7s off the Ferrari. But the battle for the lead is being affected by backmarkers.

Lap 44

Hamilton told Alonso has upped his pace as the Ferrari closes to 2.7s off the back of the McLaren. This is about to get interesting again at the front.

Lap 45

Schumacher has got problems as his DRS is wide open all around the lap. The team tried to fix it in the pits but couldn't and he returns to the pits. More bad luck!

Lap 46

Alonso has the gap down to 3.1s at the front. Vettel now 3.8s off the Ferrari.

Schumacher is wheeled into the pits with that DRS problem. That's the end of his competitive race and will probably see him retire.

Lap 47

Vergne has been given a drive-through penalty for speeding in the pit lane. Not a great weekend for him either.

Hamilton says his rear tyres are starting to go off. But his team responds saying he is doing a great job.

Lap 48

Rosberg's strong pace means he will stand a chance of leap-frogging Webber when the Red Bull pits again.

Lap 49

Rosberg is now told that he needs to save fuel a bit, which won't help him in his battle with Webber or his battle with Perez behind.

Lap 50

Hamilton leads by 2.6s as Alonso reels him in again. Hamilton is still complaining about his tyres so we might see a pit stop soon.

Vettel is 3.0s off Alonso so he's still in the race.

Hamilton told to give it everything he can now.

Lap 51

Hamilton pits. A slow stop with a problem at the right rear. He takes on soft tyres, but that lost time, roughly two seconds, could be crucial.

Hamilton is now told to give it everything over the next few laps.

Lap 52

Alonso leads by 3.1s from Vettel. Hamilton is 14.8s off the Ferrari. Hamilton is faster than Alonso in the first sector ... and the second sector. He might just hold onto this.

A pit stop is about 15s.

Lap 53

Hamilton now has the gap to Alonso down to 14.2s. These laps are crucial for him and he is pushing very hard.

Webber pits and comes out ahead of Raikkonen but has lost positions to Rosberg and Perez, who have been impressive in this race.

Lap 54

Button pits again.

Hamilton has the gap tp 13.1s to Alonso so should get back ahead when the Ferrari pits. Hamilton is a second quicker at the moment.

Lap 55

Alonso and Vettel stay out again and it looks like they might not pit again. That's what McLaren are worried about anyway as they come across the radio. 15 laps left and Hamilton is a second a lap quicker and 12.0s off.

Lap 56

Alonso and Vettel hold station wioth 3.1s between them. Hamilton is 11.0s off the back of them now. Grosjean is 4.3s off Hamilton and could threaten Alonso and Vettel if they have to pit again, but we suspect they will try to go to the end.

Lap 57

Rosberg comes under pressure from Massa and loses a position as he has to take to the escape road at the final chicane. Perez also gets past Rosberg. Rosberg loses two places in all that. Massa is now under pressure from Perez and the Sauber gets past in the DRS zone.

Lap 58

Alonso is 3.6s ahead of Vettel at the front. Hamilton has the gap down to 8.9s. Rosberg has now got back past Massa. Webber is all over the back of the Ferrari now.

Lap 59

Massa pits as Raikkonen is now pressuring Webber for seventh.

Hamilton continues his charge and is now 7.7s off Alonso.

Lap 60

Hamilton brings the gap down to 6.1s so is going to have a crack at the lead two cars before the end of the race. Grosjean is still showing good pace and will be in front of Vettel and Alonso if they have to pit.

Lap 61

Alonso's pit radio is now in Spanish as they try to keep their rivals from hearing their messages.

Hamilton is now cruising up behind Vettel and should pass the Red Bull. Grosjean may also get in on the act for a podium at his current pace.

Lap 62

Hamilton all over Vettel and should pass him in the DRS on this lap. His team reassures him there will be plenty of time to get past. Alonso and Vettel are two of the slowest cars on the track.

Hamilton passes Vettel in the DRS zone.

Lap 63

So, Hamilton is up to second with 2.1s to Alonso. Grosjean is 5.6s off Vettel in third and about 1.5s a lap faster.

Hamilton closes on the back of the Ferrari but might have to wait for the next lap and DRS zone.

Lap 64

Vettel pits for tyres. Super-softs go on his car and he comes out behind Perez in fifth.

Hamilton all over the back of Alonso into turn seven but should wait for the DRS zone. Hamilton takes the lead in the DRS zone and now has a clear road to victory.

Lap 65

Grosjean is now 3.7s off the back of Alonso with six laps to go. And he's about 2.5s quicker.

Lap 66

Grosjean has the gap down to 2.5s and should get a run at the Ferrari before the end of the race. He should be able to get past with ease in the DRS zone. Perez is also becoming a threat to Alonso at this pace.

And Grosjean gets past Alonso with ease into the chicane.

Lap 67

The impressive thing is that Grosjean is on the same strategy as Alonso. Perez took 3.0s out of Alonso on that last lap and is 6.2s off.

Vettel is also pushing very hard as he tries to get in on the act with passing Alonso.

Lap 68

Perez sets the fastest lap of the race. He is now 2.6s off the Ferrari and should get past. Vettel is four seconds a lap faster than Alonso and may also get past.

Perez breezes past Alonso for third and a very, very good chance of a second podium of the season.

Lap 69

Vettel is 3.0s off Alonso and could pass him this lap. If not he'll pass him on the final lap. Vettel passes Alonso into the chicane. That final pit stop has paid off.

Lap 70

Hamilton wins the Canadian Grand Prix to become the seventh different winner this season. Grosjean second, Perez third, Vettel fourth, Alonso fifth, Rosberg 0.4s off the Ferrari in sixth. Webber seventh, Raikkonen eighth, Kobayahsi ninth and Massa takes a point in tenth.

What a fantastic race and what brilliant drives from the top three. Alonso must be kicking himself as he could have taken second and he is now behind Hamilton by two points in the drivers' standings. All it needed was a pit stop when Hamilton did and he would have held second. The same goes for Vettel in third.

The McLaren crew is going wild in the pit lane and rightly so. A great team effort despite the slightly dodgy pit stop from his right-rear pit crew at his final stop.

Nicole Scherzinger is there to give Hamilton a kiss in parc ferme.

Martin Whitmarsh is jumping around like a young child and will join Hamilton on the podium to pick up the trophy.

Hamilton starts the final lap with a 4.2s lead.

Rosberg is 3.6s off Alonso now. That should also be a close fight.

Hamilton, Grosjean, Perez and Whitmarsh head for the podium with the British national anthem being played out over the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve.

Hamilton looks thrilled with the win and he is now in a brilliant position in the championship, two points ahead of Alonso and three points ahead of Vettel. Paddy Lowe sums it up perfectly saying "We needed that badly".

Thank you for joining us today. We hope you managed to keep up with the twists and turn towards the end of a thrilling race. Keep checking the website this evening for all the news following the race.