13:02 The lights come on, and we're away

13:01 The cars are coming round to line up on the grid.

13:00 Final predictions from Dylan and Ian who say whoever leads in to turn one, and Robert who reckons Rosberg is a dark horse. He starts 6th

13:00 We're away on the formation lap, Hamilton laying down lots of rubber on the dirtier left hand side of the grid

12:58 Tyre news for those outside the top ten: Schumacher, Webber, Perez and Vergne all starting on medium tyres, the rest of the grid are on softs

12:55 Tom from California emails in: "I predict Hamilton to be our first repeat winner." We've also had a question from Benjamin asking about the basis for predictions. Well I'm tipping Lotus because it seems to be able to look after its tyres best of the front runners and has good pace in race trim. Red Bull does long strong too but tyres are a question mark, while McLaren is not so confident of its race pace. Ferrari seems to have a slight tyre worry which may stop it from making too much progress

12:52 One thing we always like to get is your race predictions. I'm sticking with Grosjean to win having backed him in the preview, but will admit that I've also tipped a Maldonado podium today now too

12:50 I should has mentioned this a long time ago, but we want to hear from you all. If you have any comments, questions or opinions that you want to share with us during the race then you can do so either using the link above or via Twitter @ESPNF1

12:47 A one-stop strategy would be the most likely to help a driver make progress, with overtaking difficult here. Pat Fry has just told Sky Sports that he sees it being more of a two or three stop race rather than one or two due to the heat

12:43 So who else should we be looking out for? Well, with this heat (it's another beautiful sunny day in Valencia) it will all be down to which cars look after their tyres the best, and after Force India showed impressive pace - with Hulkenberg 8th and di Resta 10th after a mistake - it could realistically be any one of the top 12 cars that could challenge for a podium

12:41 We might be under parc ferme conditions but there's still been work for the drivers to do this morning. Dirty work, but someone's got to do it:

© Sutton Images

12:38 Talking of the start of the race, one man who won't be starting at all is Timo Glock. Having missed qualifying yesterday he has been diagnosed with an intestinal infection and is already back in Zurich recuperating

12:35 This has been Vettel's territory for the last two years, but you sense his biggest threat will come from Grosjean. With Webber - starting back in 19th - admitting that Red Bull will struggle to pass on track, Vettel will be desperate to beat Hamilton in to turn one as well

12:32 Well, if the grid is anything to go by then there's a good chance. Vettel and Hamilton make it the same front row as last time out in Canada, while third on the grid is held by Spanish GP winner Maldonado. But then come the two Lotuses, both yet to win and both looking impressive on race pace...

12:30 Hello and welcome to ESPNF1's live coverage of the European Grand Prix. After seven winners from seven different races, is today the day we finally see a repeat victor?

Lap 1

Grosjean jumps ahead of Maldonado in to turn one with a strong move, though Raikkonen had got the better initial start, but he's back to 6th behind Kobayashi. Vettel has bolted away from Hamilton.

Hulkenberg holds off Alonso in a battle for 7th in to turn 17

Lap 2

Vettel led by 1.9s at the end of the first lap. Grosjean quickly on to the back of Hamilton and Hamilton has to defend in to turn 12. Senna passes Perez for 14th in to turn four.

Great racing between Maldonado and Raikkonen. Maldonado up the inside in to turn 17 and Raikkonen runs wide but manages to hold it out there before Maldonado sweeps in front in to fifth place in to turn 18

Lap 3

Vettel is flying and Hamilton struggling. Vettel leads by four seconds after just two laps, while Kobayashi has already latched on to the back of Hamilton and Grosjean.

Replays of the start show Raikkonen making a great start but losing out when Maldonado turned in on him in turn one

Lap 4

Vettel continues to ominously pull away, Hamilton is holding everyone up. The train now stretches back to Raikkonen in sixth place while Vettel is 6.8s clear

Lap 5

Button had a poor start and is back to 12th, but he's passed Schumacher who is on option tyres. Hamilton is told he's doing a great job, perhaps looking after his tyres. Everyone running close together except for Vettel up front

Lap 6

Hamilton finally does a relatively quick lap but is still 0.7s slower than Vettel, now the gap is 7.6s. Di Resta has Massa all over his gearbox while Alonso pulls two seconds clear of that battle. Massa attacks around the outside of turn 12 but di Resta holds him off

Sector by sector Vettel is setting fastest times. Purple, purple, purple - another fastest lap

Lap 7

That lap has put Vettel 8.5s clear at the front. This is similar to Bahrain when Hamilton couldn't keep pace but then the Lotus pair were quick once in clear air.

Massa with another attempt around the outside of turn 12 and again it fails. Rosberg is too far back to take advantage though

Lap 8

Vettel levels his pace out with a time 0.3s slower than his best. It's still 0.7s quicker than the rest of the field though. Grosjean is still unable to get quite close enough to Hamilton to make a move, but they have dropped Kobayashi by 1.1s and Maldonado is 1.3s further back

Lap 9

Vettel's lead is now 9.6s, and that gap is really going to start hurting Grosjean's hopes. At present we're seeing the usual Valencia problem - no overtaking - but hopefully that will change as the tyres start to overheat

Alonso keeping close behind Hulkenberg, but not close enough

Lap 10

Grosjean just matched Vettel's latest lap time, but he's 10.5s behind.

What a move from Grosjean! He's just dived down the outside of Hamilton in to turn 12 but then muscled his way through on the inside of 13 as Hamilton tried to ease him off the track. Brilliant racing from the pair. Now what can Grosjean do in clear air?

Button pits for a set of medium tyres, while Perez comes in too

Lap 11

Perez is on to the soft compound. Grosjean is already a second clear of Hamilton so out of DRS range. He's not reeling in Vettel at present though, while Hamilton says he wants his front wing angle changed at his first stop

Massa pits for medium tyres

Lap 12

Vettel was still half a second quicker than Grosjean on that last lap.

Raikkonen all over the back of Maldonado but the Williams defends in to turn 17

Alonso gets past Hulkenberg with an almost carbon copy of Grosjean's move - around the outside of 12 and inside of 13

Lap 13

Vettel extends his lead to 12.5s. Raikkonen has just passed Maldonado around the outside of 13 and inside of 14 - the Williams is struggling at present and Alonso now has Maldonado in his sights

More overtaking! Button up the inside of Vergne in to turn 17. Massa had done likewise in to turn 12. Hamilton pits but comes out behind Senna in 12th place - he's ahead of Webber despite stopping

Lap 14

A straw hat has found its way on to the circuit, which Maldonado did drive over. Alonso is now already ahead of Maldonado after passing using DRS in to turn 12 - very easy that one.

Lots of pit stops, Kobayashi, Raikkonen, Maldonado and Hulkenberg in - Kimi jumps Kobayashi in the pits after a slow stop for the Sauber

Lap 15

Hamilton is told he can push to overtake a few cars that are on older tyres, and he dives up the inside of Senna in to 12 for seventh place. Vettel's lead is now 15.2s and I think we're looking at a race for second behind the Red Bull already.

Alonso pits from what was third, and he rejoins ahead of Raikkonen - good strategy from Ferrari

Lap 16

Hamilton now behind Schumacher and he uses DRS to pass around the outside in to turn 12.

Vettel pits from the lead, and Grosjean is in from second as well

Lap 17

Di Resta is still out on track having not pitted so he's in second place. Vettel was able to pit and retain the lead. Soft tyres for both Vettel and Grosjean. Di Resta is second at present and Rosberg third ahead of Grosjean and Hamilton

Lap 18

Schumacher is sixth and very slow, holding up Senna, Webber, Alonso and Raikkonen behind. It actually goes back to Maldonado in 12th.

Raikkonen and Maldonado run wide in the final sector as the cars bunch up behind Schumacher

Grosjean passes Rosberg using DRS, while Alonso goes round the outside of Senna in to turn 12

Lap 19

Alonso finally gets passed Schumacher, but the racing behind is brilliant. So close and somehow no contact yet! Seventh to 16th are all running in a pack. Raikkonen has jumped Webber in there and now Schumacher and Webber pit

Grosjean passes di Resta using DRS for second, and Hamilton passed Rosberg behind him.

Lap 20

Schumacher is back out ahead of Webber. Raikkonen passes Senna for seventh and then Kobayashi runs in to the back of Senna - a broken front wing on the Sauber and puncture for Senna who slid sideways but is limping back to the pits

Lap 21

Replays show Kobayashi tried to squeeze through a gap that was always closing and clipped Senna's right rear. Both pit, but Senna is OK to continue.

Vettel now 19 seconds clear. Only di Resta is yet to pit and he's in fourth place

Lap 22

Alonso dives up the inside of di Resta in to turn eight for fourth place. Di Resta is almost five seconds off the pace so needs to pit. Hamilton is struggling to keep pace with Grosjean and is 4.7s back in third place - he'll have to watch Alonso's pace

Lap 23

Di Resta stays out and is holding up Raikkonen now, but Kimi does the same as Alonso - up the inside in to turn eight. Di Resta's race is being ruined by this pace. Maldonado is now through as well, easily in to turn 14 - up to sixth now the Williams

Lap 24

Senna has been given a drive through penalty for causing a collision - seems quite harsh that.

Di Resta pits.

Vettel leads by 20.6s. It feels like 2011 all over again. Newey's updated Red Bull is really delivering here this weekend

Lap 25

Massa is told to look after the rear tyres. Grosjean matches Vettel and pulls seven seconds clear of Hamilton. Raikkonen is now picking up the pace and both he and Maldonado are catching Alonso, who in turn is catching Hamilton at about 0.3s per lap

Massa in seventh is 1.2s slower than those ahead. Ricciardo passes Perez for tenth place in turns 12 and 13, while Senna takes his drive through

Lap 26

Fastest lap from Grosjean and he's taken 0.3s out of Vettel. Lotus has got quicker as races go on this season, but he's just too far back.

Perez pits for a second time after losing out to Ricciardo, so no charge through the field from the Sauber this weekend

Lap 27

Another 0.3s taken out of Vettel's lead, but Vettel is lapping traffic. Button pits for a second time for another set of medium tyres. His team-mate Hamilton has dropped 11.5s behind Grosjean

Lap 28

Vergne moves across on Kovalainen when lapping and taps his rear right against Kovalainen's front left and we have a safety car!

Lap 29

Grosjean has dived in the pits for medium tyres, and Vettel is still out on track. Hamilton pits too but it's a really slow one and Alonso and Raikkonen - both also pitting, get ahead.

Debris on track is the reason for the safety car. Vergne is out of the race after damaging his car. Vettel has pitted now and will retain the lead, but the huge gap (that Grosjean had just started eating in to) has been wiped out

Lap 30

McLaren's front jack had failed and cost Hamilton dearly. Behind the safety car the order is Vettel, Grosjean, Alonso, Ricciardo, Raikkonen, Hamilton, Rosberg and Schumacher. Ricciardo hasn't pitted, nor has either Mercedes

Lap 31

B.K. Tan emails in to say: " I would love to see Vettel to be the 1st guy to win 2 races, Very sure he can do it!" He was looking in control, but that safety car has removed his cushion

In the other corner, Dylan says: "Now this s**t gets interesting! Grosjean for a win looks well placed now! 8 winners here we come! Cheers to the SC!"

We've got lapped cars between Vettel and Grosjean, but they've now been told they can now overtake - and off they go

Lap 32

Lovely stuff, we have 25 laps to go and the field bunched back together again with nobody between them. The only fly in the ointment at the front is Ricciardo who hasn't stopped for a second time yet. The lights are still on so we'll be going round again

John emails in to say: "Looks like Mercedes have made a bad call - neither car has yet pitted - when they do, they'll be way down the field. Was hoping for better."

Mercedes might be attempting to do a one-stop though, as Rosberg is on medium tyres having started on softs and Schumacher the complete opposite

Lap 33

Webber is now in a good spot in ninth place on soft tyres. The lights are still on - not sure why it's taking so long to clear the debris... now they've gone off so safety car is in this lap

Not the greatest restart from Vettel

Lap 34

Alonso is through in to second through turns one and two - Grosjean actually got a bit baulked by Vettel in to the final corner.

Massa and Kobayashi come together at the back, right front puncture for Massa.


Lap 35

Vettel has cruised to a halt out at turn 17, the crowd is going wild as Alonso leads the race!

The race has been turned on its head. Grosjean might have the pace, but Alonso has track position. Ricciardo locks up in to 12 and Hamilton is through up to third place. Raikkonen passes him too before turn 17, but may have been under yellow flags.

Marshals on the track clearing Vettel's car, looks dangerous but clear now.

Lap 36

Massa pitted due to his puncture but at one point had soft on his left front and a medium on his right! Long stop.

Vettel is living, throwing his gloves in to the fence. This has opened up the race but you have to say Vettel had driven superbly until then. He was rolling to a stop on the run to turn 17 on the first lap after the restart

Lap 37

Alonso leads by 0.7s, while Hamilton and Raikkonen are matching the front two. 2.3s covers the top four. Ricciardo holding in on fifth but he's 2.8s off the pace. As I type, Schumacher is through in to fifth using DRS. Webber next to have a go.

Hamilton is under investigation for ignoring yellow flags. I thought it would be Raikkonen in trouble...

Lap 38

Ricciardo pits, as Maldonado dives up the inside of Webber for sixth in to the final corner. That pushes Webber wide and both Hulkenberg and di Resta get through as well. Button up to tenth and the points now - Rosberg had a shocker at the restart on medium tyres.

Grosjean still keeping Alonso honest, Hamilton hanging on as well, although he was 0.7s slower than the front two on the last lap

Lap 39

It was the fastest lap from Alonso, but Grosjean was 0.010s slower over the 100 seconds. Grosjean will be banking on being able to run longer at a quicker pace.

Webber pits for a second time so he can push to the flag.

Karthikeyan gets a drive through for speeding in the pit lane

Lap 40

Button is now ninth after Webber's stop and he holds off Perez in to turn one.

Grosjean 0.1s quicker than Alonso on the last lap, but now a touch slower in sector one. Ebbing and flowing as 3.4s cover the first four . All the way back to Hulkenberg in 7th on the same pace

Lap 41

Alonso just pumped in the fastest lap of the race and pulled away from Grosjean by 0.8s. Webber just smashed that lap by almost a second though.

Grosjean is now out of the race too!

Lap 42

Grosjean was going slowly and then the car just went in to neutral over the bridge. What a shame. Alonso now has a 3.9s lead over Hamilton and 4.8s over Raikkonen.

Schumacher pits, while Perez passes Button in to the final corner for what is now 7th place

Lotus has tweeted saying that Kimi is under investigation for ignoring yellow flags. We've not had that confirmed

Lap 43

Petrov is in tenth place for Caterham and has fresh tyres on! Schumacher and Webber are behind him though, about four seconds back, surely he can't hold on for 15 laps?

Hamilton takes 0.3s out of Alonso's lead. Maldonado, Hulkenberg and di Resta matching pace, while Perez is the fastest man out there but 16s off the lead

Lap 44

Alonso responds by 0.2s. Raikkonen quicker than both in front though, but he needs to get past Hamilton first.

Sorry to shatter the Caterham dream but Schumacher is catching Petrov at 2.5s a lap.

Lap 45

Kimi's just had the radio message he would want to hear - 'If you can pass Hamilton we think Alonso's tyres will go off and we can win this race'

Hamilton is using ever bit of the road while Raikkonen is more controlled - the Lotus much better on its tyres it seems.

Ahhh, Schumacher passes Petrov in to turn two and Webber repeats the move in to turn four.

Lap 46

Alonso's lead is 3.7s. This could all come down to the final three laps and tyre condition. Who said Pirelli makes racing boring?!

The top seven all remain on the same pace, Perez the quickest of the bunch. The biggest gap is between Raikkonen and Maldonado - 6.1s

Lap 47

Rosberg pits again, Petrov back up to 11th but really struggling for pace now.

Di Resta is sixth but only pitted once. Hamilton starts to complain about his tyres.

Webber still unable to find a way past Schumacher, but both are catching Button rapidly.

Lap 48

Long yellow flag but not sure why yet... and it's Petrov who has lost his front wing. Contact with Ricciardo in turn 14 the cause of it, Ricciardo was bumped in to the air but OK to continue

Lap 49

Alonso has pulled out a 4.2s lead now.

Kobayashi is handed a five-place grid penalty for the next race for causing a collision after running in to Massa earlier. Hamilton no longer under investigation - no further punishment - and Petrov/Ricciardo incident now under investigation

Schumacher gets passed Button in turn 14, and then Webber also gets the McLaren on the run to 17. Button shuffled back to 10th

Lap 50

Raikkonen has dropped 1.1s behind Hamilton - he looks to have overused his tyres trying to get passed quickly. Alonso remains 4.2s clear of Hamilton and Maldonado is now the quickest man out there, starting to come back at the leaders

Lap 51

A slow lap from Alonso - Hamilton takes 0.6s out of him and now just 9.4s covers the top four. Alonso's middle sector seemed slow - he could be saving fuel or trying to manage his brake temperatures. Same again from both him and Hamilton in sector two this time round

Lap 52

Raikkonen 0.6s quicker than Alonso on that lap, this one is far from over. 8.7s now covers the top four - I think Maldonado is too far back unless we see big tyre drop off, but pick your winner from the top three. A radio message to Alonso in Italian - a sign of their worries?

Lap 53

Raikkonen still unable to get quite close enough to Hamilton using DRS.

No further action for the incident between Petrov and Ricciardo

Schumacher and Webber are still flying - largely unnoticed - and now both have jumped Perez and are within 17s of the lead.

Petrov just passed Massa, who is very slow

Lap 54

Alonso with a good first sector, he's looking strong now. Schumacher and Webber pass di Resta so up to sixth and seventh.

Look out for Maldonado - Hamilton and Raikkonen were slow on that lap and Maldonado is now just 2.2s behind the Lotus

Lap 55

Fights all over the place. Hamilton with huge tyre trouble and he has to defend against Raikkonen robustly. Raikkonen gets him out of turn 17 though, and Maldonado is right on the back of the McLaren

Lap 56

Rosberg is flying up behind Button in the battle for tenth place.

Hamilton has hit the cliff here and Maldonado has punted Hamilton out of the race! Schumacher is up to third! Maldonado was off the track at turn 12 - his fault there

Lap 57

Schumacher and Webber had passed Hulkenberg, Maldonado had a damaged front wing so both passed the Williams and are fighting over third.

Alonso is cruising home in front of his home fans. What a story and what a race this is.

Alonso becomes the first two-time winner this season having started in 11th place! Raikkonen is second and Michael Schumacher is on the podium for the first time since 2006 in third place! Webber comes home fourth having started 19th. Breathless stuff.

Hulkenberg is fifth while Rosberg made it up to sixth on the final lap. Di Resta is seventh, Button eighth, Perez ninth and Maldonado ends up 10th despite his broken front wing - but I wouldn't bet against him being penalised for the Hamilton clash.

The crowd is absolutely loving it - what a 24 hours for Spain. Alonso is out of his car and pumping his fists while holding up Spanish flag. Marshals congratulate him as he celebrates in front of the crowd

Schumacher is a popular man in parc ferme, while Alonso is jumping up and down and chanting as he waits for a car to pick him up - great scenes. Only Raikkonen is where he should be - putting on a cap ready for the podium! He congratulates Schumacher with a smile.

What a result for Alonso - he now has a 20 point lead in the championship and it's Webber who is up to second as Hamilton and Vettel fail to finish.

As the top three come out on to the podium Anmol emails in to say: "Three former World Champions on the Podium…and all these drivers have driven a Ferrari in their career. The Legend, the Past and the Present !"

The medical car is now speeding back to the pits with Alonso, and a huge cheer goes up as he climbs out and salutes the main grandstand.

Alonso is in tears on the podium as the Spanish national anthem rings out. Ferrari enjoying the victory too - what a job it is doing after such a poor start to the season.

Raikkonen raises the second-placed trophy - that Lotus must be sure to win a race soon. Schumacher too enjoys his third place, and after a pause for a photo, the champagne sprays.

What a fantastic race - I know you all enjoyed it from the comments in our inbox. Apologies we couldn't use more of them but as I'm sure you appreciate that was a busy final few laps! Who said you can't overtake in Valencia? Sensational ending, and now I bet there will be some great comments from the drivers after that. Stick with us on ESPNF1.com for all the reaction, bye for now.