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Webber describes terrifying accident

ESPNF1 Staff
June 29, 2010 « Di Montezemolo fuming over European Grand Prix | »
Mark Webber tells reporters about his lucky escape © Getty Images

Mark Webber said that his biggest fear immediately after his Red Bull took off in the European Grand Prix was hitting something whilst airborne.

Webber was launched into a spectacular somersault when his Red Bull clipped the rear wheel of Heikki Kovaleinen's Lotus in an attempt to pass the slower car. Luckily, the Australian's car flipped upside down momentarily before righting itself and ending up in the safety barriers. He then walked away unscathed.

"I was worried about bridges or things that I could hit up in the air," said Webber, who escaped with minor bruising. "I knew I was involved in a huge crash, and that I was just a passenger.

"But I knew there was a lot of run-off down there, so that was good. I was also happy it was a tyre wall and not the Techpro stuff because that is not as good as the tyres.

"After Singapore, what happened last year, this was a nicer cushioning hit for me. The biggest surprise was being in a Formula One race and having someone brake that early. But things like that happen. The impact wasn't too hard. It was okay because I had a massive forward momentum, so that was good."

It's not the first time that Webber has been involved in a potentially disastrous accident after his Mercedes was involved in a similar flip at Le Mans in 1999 before the team withdrew the cars on safety grounds. And Webber admitted afterwards that the worst possible outcome is something that briefly crossed his mind.

"It's headline stuff what goes through my head, but that's the game we're in and some days that happens."