14:00 All the cars have got away from the grid and are now warming up their tyres. As they pass the Mercedes grandstand at turn eight the fans display a "Nico & Michael" message. The cars are now returning to the grid for the start of the race.

13:59 The engines have been fired up and Schumacher, starting from 11th is starting on soft tyres, as are a lot of drivers in the back half of the grid. Liuzzi is on hards as are the new teams.

13:56 Timo Glock is told there will be no rain, which means we will see the drivers using slicks today. The difference between the two compounds is much wider than at previous races this season and that could make things interesting. However, in practice teams were doing runs of at least 10 laps on the super soft so it's likely we will see only one stop as the hard tyre will last a very long time.

13:55 So all the drivers are lined up on the grid and getting ready to head off on the formation lap. The grandstands are packed full, much busier than it has been all weekend.

Ian asks: "Hi Is Red Bull still using the push-rod suspension? If so do you think this is one reason why the is so good in the corners?"

Actually the RB6 has pull-rod suspension and has had it all season. It certainly seems to help with the packaging at the rear of the car with the blown diffuser. The way the suspension is mounted doesn't make a huge amount of difference, although F1 standard is push-rod suspension.

13.49 Ferrari's weather report from about 15 minutes ago: "The sky is cloud but no rain is expected at least in the next 30 minutes."

It could be a much more interesting race than we first thought. Mind you, Ferrari have got it wrong before, anybody remember Malaysia qualifying?

13:47 Liuzzi's car has been bolted back together after his crash yesterday. "Tonio's repaired car is ready to leave the garage," says Force India.

13:46 Whatever the weather, we should be in for a good race with Vettel and Alonso split by just 0.002 seconds in qualifying. Webber will also be keen to take the fight to Massa ahead of him on the grid. Then there are the two McLaren drivers starting from fifth and sixth that are very fast in straight line and tend to have good race pace on heavy fuel.

13:45 Hello and welcome to a cloudy Hockenheim for the German Grand Prix. The track is bone dry at the moment but there are some heavy clouds overhead. We are expecting a dry race but the weather has been quite unpredictable all weekend.

Lap 1

Massa leads out of the first corner as Vettel and Alonso nearly came together, they are all through cleanly.

Hamilton up to fourth, using his staright-line speed advantage to beat Webber down the back straight.

Yellow flag as Buemi's rear wing comes off after contact with Sutil.

Lap 2

Massa leads by 0.6 seconds from Alonso.

Liuzzi and Alguersuari have also come together and are back in the pits. They nearly come together again in the pits.

Lap 3

Massa has the lead up to 0.9 seconds now as Trulli looks like he is about to retire in the Lotus.

A replay of the start showed that Vettel was a little over agressive into the first corner trying to block Alonso and Massa simply slipped around the outside.

Lap 4

Trulli has retired and Buemi is back in the pits for a new rear wing. Gearbox problems for Trulli apparently.

Lap 5

Schumacher has had a good start and is up to eighth and not too far behind Kubica in seventh. 0.4 seconds is the gap as they cross the line.

Sutil returns to the pits for a second time and they change the rear tyres and send him on his way. Terrible start for Force India.

Lap 6

Alonso is trying to keep Massa in check as the gap is now 1.6 seconds. Vettel is 1.2 behind the lead pair and Hamilton is 1.6 behind the Red Bull.

Liuzzi also makes a second pit stop.

Lap 7

Alonso is closing the gap to Massa, it's now down to 1.1 seconds. Trulli is back out on track but lapping very slowly and gets out the way of the leaders.

Lap 8

This time round Massa increases the gap to Alonso, it's now back up to 1.5 seconds.

Button is dropping off Webber as he runs wide through turn one - he's still not completely happy with the handling of that McLaren.

Lap 9

Force India put the wrong tyres on Sutil and Liuzzi and as a result they had to come back and swap them round. It is strictly forbidden for team-mates to use each other's tyres.

Lap 10

Buemi has retired and Toro Rosso won't bother trying to repair that car.

Webber is staying within a second of Hamilton but can't get close on the straights.

Lap 11

Massa is maintaining a 1.5 second lead over Alonso at the front.

Lap 12

11 laps in but no signs of degredation from the tyres yet. Felipe Massa is setting fastest laps as the fuel comes down.

Lap 13

Vettel pits from third for hard tyres. He rejoins ahead of Kubica in sixth and with a fair bit of clear air for him to make the most of. Will Ferrari react?

Lap 14

Alonso comes in to the pits and Massa stays out. Webber pits too, and both of them get away ok.

Webber comes out inbetween Rosberg and Kobayashi in ninth and that is not good news for him.

Kobayashi is pressuring Webber as Massa pits and gets away ok.

Lap 15

Hamilton stays ahead of Webber and comes out in front of Kubica and behind Kubica.

Button is leading the race but hasn't pitted, Massa has stayed in front of Alonso and Vettel.

Lap 16

The gap between the two Ferraris is 0.7 seconds and Massa is making mistakes trying to get the hard Bridgestones up to temperature.

Alonso can't take adavantage at the moment but is pushing hard.

Lap 17

Button's lead is 3.8 seconds but he still has to pit. He needs to find a gap in the traffic behind him for him to slot into.

Lap 18

Kubica pits from fifth and comes out just ahead of Schumacher. Schumacher had a go at Kubica but couldn't make the move stick as Kubica left him on the outside into the hairpin.

Lap 19

Button extends his lead as Alonso keeps the pressure on Massa. Vettel is now closing on the two Ferraris with the gap down to 1.5 seconds.

Lap 20

Button is making his way through traffic as he tries to find as much time as possible for his stop.

Lap 21

Alonso all over the back of Massa as they come past the backmarkers. Alonso tries a move into the hairpin but Massa has him covered and Vettel is getting tangled up with the backmarkers too.

Lap 22

Alonso may have missed his opportunity and comes over the radio saying "this is ridiculous". He wants to get past because he is faster at the moment.

Button's lead is up to 5.1 seconds as his team get ready to receive him in the pits.

Lap 23

Button rejoins in fifth behind Hamilton but ahead of Webber.

Lap 24

So, Massa leads and sets a fastest lap in response to Alonso to extend his lead to 0.8 seconds.

Button is close to hamilton but doesn't look like he can get close enough to pass.

Petrov came out the pits and pinned Kobayashi out wide in the hairpin to take 12th.

Lap 25

Rosberg pits and comes out just ahead of Schumacher to take 9th.

Lap 26

Massa now has the gap at the front up to 2.4 seconds and is pulling away. Alonso is now falling back into the clutches of Vettel who is 1.8 seconds behind.

Massa is lapping around 0.5 seconds faster than Alonso. Does the second Ferrari have a problem?

Lap 27

Petrov very nearly went into the back of Schumacher as he attacks the German for 11th place.

Lap 28

Massa sets another fastest lap and has the gap up to 3.4 seconds. Vettel has the gap down to Alonso.

Alonso could be saving fuel but Rob Smedley tells Massa to keep up the pace at the front.

Lap 29

Now Alonso sets the fastest lap and takes a tenth out of Massa. Alonso may also be looking for some clear air just to cool the engine, tyres and brakes as he is clearly still very fast.

Lap 30

3.0 seconds is now the gap between the two Ferraris. And they have dropped Vettel by over a second in the last few laps.

Hamilton is 8.9 seconds behind Vettel with Button a further 1.5 seconds back.

Lap 31

There is a tight battle between the Mercedes and Renaults at the moment with Rosberg closing on Kubica and Petrov on Schumacher.

Lap 32

Alonso now has the gap down to 2.8 seconds but catching Massa again will be one thing, passing him another.

Webber is 0.8 seconds off the back Button at the moment and is struggling a bit with understeer and rear traction.

Lap 33

Alonso takes another half second out of Massa as he reels him in again. Maybe just playing mind games with his Ferrari team-mate.

Lap 34

De la Rosa, who I haven't mentioned yet, is up to eighth and battling with Hulkenberg for seventh but neither have pitted yet.

And de la Rosa goes past at the hairpin, he is on the hard tyres and Hulkenberg is on the softs.

Lap 35

Massa now finds some pace at the front with a 1:17.908 and increases his lead to 2.7 seconds.

Lap 36

Sutil is still struggling and runs wide at the Sachs hairpin. He then pits again and will drop behind his team-mate Liuzzi.

Lap 37

This time round Alonso sets the fastest lap, so the pair are trading quick times and have increased the gap to Vettel to 4.8 seconds in the process.

Lap 38

Alonso now has the gap down to 2.0 seconds as Massa loses 0.5 seconds in one lap.

Hamilton told to conserve fuel ahead of Button, who has also had a similar order.

Lap 39

Massa and Alonso are now coming up behind traffic again . Blue flags are waving but the pair are still having to work hard to get by.

Lap 40

As a result of that traffic the gap is down to 1.1 seconds.

Lap 41

Webber is told to leave a four second gap to Button ahead, presumably due to a rising temperature in the Red Bull's engine bay. He obeys the order and drops back to 4.4 seconds with Kubica his nearest rival over 30 seconds behind. De la Rosa has yet to stop.

Lap 42

Button told he is comfortably faster than Webber now but he is still unlikely to get past Hamilton unless his McLaren team-mate has to save fuel towards the end.

Lap 43

Alonso has the gap down to 1.0 second as we hear that Webber's engine is consuming too much oil. No prblems for Vettel though, he has just set the fastest lap behind the Ferraris. The gap to Alonso is 5.7 seconds.

Lap 44

Alonso has taken 0.2 out of Massa in the first sector on this lap.

Lap 45

And Alonso closes the gap to 0.8 at the end of the lap. He's picking away but will need traffic to find a way past, either that or a problem on Massa's car.

Lap 46

Webber told that oil consumption is indeed the problem and that hard late braking will help.

Lap 47

Massa reacts to Alonso's speed and keeps the gap at 1.0 second. Vettel is about 0.3 seconds a lap faster than both at the moment.

Lap 48

Massa is told very clearly "Fernando is faster than you, did you understand that message?". Is that code for Massa to pull over?

Rob Smedley did not sound happy about delivering that message to his driver.

Lap 49

Alonso passes Massa very, very easily. If that isn't team orders I don't know what is.

Lap 50

Massa told: "OK good lad. Just stick with him now."

Vettel never looked close enough to pass them.

Lap 51

Vettel now has the gap to Massa down to 2.9 seconds as the second Ferrari driver drops off the pace of his team-mate.

Lap 52

De la Rosa makes his pit stop and comes out in 14th place, so the long first stint didn't work for him.

Lap 53

di Grassi spins at turn one but no damage done.

Lap 54

Vettel now has the gap down to 2.6 seconds but is nearly 20 seconds up on Hamilton. Not good news for McLaren in the championship race.

De La Rosa passes Hulkenberg for the second time this race and they got very close coming out of the turn six hairpin.

Lap 55

Di Grassi retires from the race as his Virgin is pushed into the garage.

Lap 56

De la Rosa is now on a charge as he comes up behind the other Williams of Barrichello. The Sauber is on a new set of soft tyres and that is how he is able to attack the Williams.

Lap 57

Massa is now having to push a bit harder to keep Vettel at bay and 2.6 seconds behind. Alonso is 2.7 seconds in the lead.

Now Vettel is really pushing but is losing time to Massa through the final sector.

Lap 58

De la Rosa is now having to defend against Hulkenberg.

Lap 59

Petrov told that he has to shift into top gear earlier and if he doesn't he'll have his engine turned down remotely from the pit lane.

De la Rosa loses a sizeable part of his front wing trying to lap Kovalainen and has to pit for a new nose. It's a shame as he was pushing very hard for 12th behind Barrichello.

Lap 60

Vettel now has the gap down to a second to Massa.

Lap 61

Vettel is much quicker through the first sector but Massa is still pushing hard. Meanwhile Alonso is 3.8 seconds in the lead at the front.

Lap 62

Vettel is on the limit and runs wide through turn one as the gap stays at a second as they cross the line.

Kovalainen's race is over, possibly due to that contact with de la Rosa.

Lap 63

Vettel is struggling for grip behind Massa and drops 0.2 seconds on that last lap. That was because he hit the brakes a little late into the hairpin and then had to dodge a bit of debris.

Lap 64

Hamilton is told he no longer has to save fuel and Button is now 1.2 seconds behind in the battle of the McLarens.

Vettel is back within a second of Massa.

Lap 65

But as Massa crosses the line again he extends his lead to 1.1 seconds with just three laps remaining.

Meanwhile Webber is still circulating despite his low oil levels and is comfortably ahead of Kubica.

Lap 66

And Vettel is now backing off a tad as the gap between second and third increases to 1.4 seconds.

Lap 67

Alonso crosses the line to win in Germany, his second victory of the season and Massa makes it a second one-two.

Vettel takes third and Hamilton fourth ahead of Button and Webber.

Alonso asks if Massa was ok and sounds very subdued over the radio.

Rob Smedley tells Massa he did a very good job and that he was very magnanimous in defeat.

Paul says: "Ferrari. Are we stupid. Did you understand that message. Team orders are banned. Massa was doing the job. Disgusted!"

And Alonso starts his final lap. Massa is 4.2 seconds behind.

Massa barely gives Alonso a hug as they get out the car.

Vettel is on the podium at his home race and set the fastest lap of the race after finding a bit of clear air behind Massa.

Thank you for joining us for the race today. There will be plenty of reaction on the site this evening so make sure you keep checking back for stories from all the top drivers. Also, don't forget that it is just a week before the next race at the Hungaroring, I hope you can join us. It's very cold between the two Ferrari drivers as they get ready to go on the podium.