Paul Hembery: "We're looking at compounds and structure, and the idea is obviously to get back to our two/three stop strategies" © Sutton Images

Paul Hembery says Pirelli will make "some structural changes" to the tyres in time for the Canadian Grand Prix in order to bring races back to two or three stop strategies.

The decision comes after the hardest two compounds delivered a four-stop race in Barcelona on Sunday. Following a Pirelli meeting on Monday, Hembery tweeted the new tyres would also combine "elements [of] 2012 and 2013 products", and that the "changes made in interests of sport".

Speaking exclusively to ESPN after the race, Hembery explained just how Pirelli had ended up getting the tyre compounds wrong and said there were a number of options available which it would consider next.

"We're looking at compounds and structure, and the idea is obviously to get back to our two/three stop strategies," Hembery said. "What you've got at the moment is a combination of the cars are really going hard - much harder than we had anticipated, big steps forward in performance - together with a structure that pushes very heavily the compounds. It's a very aggressive structure in the corners and you're pushing the compounds beyond the limits.

"Now the question is are you able to - in a short space of time - change the compounds and provide the desired result? Bearing in mind we have such limited access to cars and testing… Equally, can you modify the structure so that it is less aggressive to the compounds, or go back to say last year's structure with this year's compounds which is somewhere in the middle. It's a difficult thing to get right.

"Four stops wasn't something that we want; we don't like it. It's not dramatic, I mean we've had an interesting race and for many years Barcelona has been the most boring race on the calendar. To have a Ferrari with Alonso winning his home event doesn't make it such a bad weekend overall, but if that were to continue then I think that would be wrong."

Asked by ESPN if he felt changes would be unfair on some teams, Hembery replied: "Well, we're never going to get them all to agree."