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Ferrari to make F-duct more comfortable for drivers

ESPNF1 Staff
May 9, 2010 « Lotus closing the gap | »
Fernando Alonso has been taking his hand off the steering wheel to operate the F10's F-duct © Getty Images

Ferrari will tweak its F-duct system so that it is more "comfortable" for the drivers, Fernando Alonso has revealed.

On Saturday he played down suggestions the Italian team's blown rear wing solution is dangerous because it is activated by the drivers' left hand.

"I always have my hands on the steering wheel. There is no problem," he told Germany's Motorsport-Magazin.com after qualifying.

Indeed, onboard video shows that the Spaniard has a black pad sewn onto the knuckles of his left glove that allows Alonso to block the airflow while keeping his thumb in place on the steering wheel.

But he told France's Auto Hebdo: "In the simulator we practiced with this method so that now it is automatic. But in the future we will find a more comfortable solution for the drivers."