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Alonso likes to complain - Vettel

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Sebastian Vettel says he was not surprised Fernando Alonso complained about his driving on the radio after he prevailed in their epic battle for fifth at Silverstone.

The 14-lap duel between the former world champions made for compelling viewing, but both drivers complained about the other on the radio on numerous occasions for exceeding track limits and, on Vettel's side, for Alonso's aggressive driving. After struggling to find a way past for so long, with some superb wheel-to-wheel racing, Vettel finally made a move stick on lap 47 with a super move which started at Luffield and ended at Copse.

When he was asked if he was concerned about a crash, Vettel said: "Yeah, it felt very close inside. A couple of times maybe too close, obviously it got a bit silly at the end when we both started to complain about the other going off track. I don't think the people care too much if the car is half a metre to the left or right at some exits to the corner.

"It was tight. I think twice it was a bit too harsh into Turn 6 - if I don't back out of it, we crash. I could stay on the track and with me there he couldn't make that corner. On the other hand its tough when you're racing, it will be hard. I knew that when I got the message that I should respect the limits I knew he was complaining because that's what he tends to do so I decided to do the same thing."

After Vettel had made the move stick, Alonso was complaining about the world champion's usage of the DRS - which the German admits he does not understand.

"How does that work? It doesn't work ... That doesn't make any sense because you can only use DRS - from a software point of view - where the DRS zones are. If the Ferrari can do it elsewhere it might explain some things! But no, honestly, he must have seen something else.

"For me it was easier for me to spot him when he went wide rather than him seeing me. I'm not sure about the resolution of the Ferrari mirrors but according to his complaints it must be awesome. I don't know who won in terms of keeping the list [or transgressions]! Maybe we need to ask the stewards."

Vettel thinks his race strategy ultimately cost him a chance of challenging team-mate Daniel Ricciardo for the final spot on the podium.

"I could go faster, maybe I could have gone one place higher but in the end we chose the wrong strategy here today. I expected third to be honest - the pace was there. But we picked the wrong strategy on my side."

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