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Ferrari to decide on flexi-wing

ESPNF1 Staff
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Red Bull is again running the flexi-wing in Hungary, where downforce is paramount © Sutton Images

Ferrari has yet to decide whether or not to run its new flexible front wing for this weekend's Hungarian Grand Prix.

The wings, also used by Red Bull, were photographed flexing at high speed at Silverstone and Hockenheim by F1 photographer Darren Heath, leading to complaints from rival teams over providing an illegal downforce advantage.

Despite the wings being given the green light from the FIA, Ferrari chief engineer Chris Dyer told reporters at the Hungaroring that his team may still opt not run it this weekend although downforce is of paramount importance around the Hungaroring.

"We certainly had the same front wing in Silverstone and Hockenheim," Dyer told Autosport. "What people noticed and when people noticed I'm not really sure. The front wing for Silverstone was a new development for the car, but it's only another small step.

"In fact you will see in practice that it's not even decided yet whether we will use this front wing here, because different parts of the car have different characteristics, and what was good at Silverstone or Hockenheim is not necessarily good for here.

"So one of the programmes we will be working on is looking at some different front wing options, and we will see what we will end up using."

Dyer added that the wing had passed all the FIA tests and complied with al the rules and regulations.

"Everything flexes," he said. "Nothing is infinitely rigid, but all those aeros are pretty tightly controlled by the regulations. There are quite a number of tests and rules and regulations that we have to comply with."