• Korean Grand Prix - FP2

Drivers express pit entry concerns

ESPNF1 Staff
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Jenson Button says he is worried about the pit entry © Getty Images

Several drivers have expressed their concerns over the positioning of the pit entry at the new Yeongam circuit in Korea after the first session of free practice.

The main area of contention is that cars slowing to enter the pits could cause a danger to cars lapping the ultra-fast last corner normally at speeds up to 175mph.

"I'm worried," said Jenson Button. "If the driver in front of you lifts to come in it's going to be very tricky to react fast enough. It's a horrible position to be in because - what can you do? You're not going to stay out for another lap! It's a tough one and I don't really know what we can do about it."

Fellow title contender Sebastian Vettel added that the danger comes in not being able to see the cars lapping more slowly into the blind pit entry.

"I think the pit entry is quite on the edge because it is blind, you cannot see if someone goes in and they have to go slower than someone who stays out," said Vettel. "Especially if you are behind someone trying to pass and he chooses to pit it could be difficult.

"Other than that it is just the fact that it is so slippery and so dusty and dirty online that makes it so tricky. Rejoining the track is very difficult, very low speed and very slippery."

But seven-time world champion Michael Schumacher played down the concerns of his fellow drivers, saying that it is nothing out of the ordinary.

"I think we have plenty of race tracks where we could talk about those subjects," said Schumacher. "I don't see anything on the entry and on the exit you must have two very unusual coincidences to be happening, but in the end it is much less harmless than some drivers have been mentioning."