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Team Lotus name dispute heading to court

ESPNF1 Staff
December 9, 2010 « Maldonado has weight of Venezuela on his shoulders | »

The naming dispute between Tony Fernandes' Team Lotus and Group Lotus is almost certainly heading to court.

Renault announced on Wednesday that Group Lotus, who previously backed Lotus Racing, had become the title sponsor and a major shareholder of the team.

Fernandes insists his team has the license to use the Lotus name after buying the Team Lotus brand from David Hunt. The team's chief executive Riad Asmat indicated he doubts Group Lotus completely controls the Lotus brand although the Proton owned Group Lotus have since revoked the license agreement.

"Did anyone have any specific guidelines? I am not aware of that," said Asmat. "I think that will be fair to everyone and the courts will explain everything to everyone.

"Oh, they [Proton] said they own the name, well we own the name Team Lotus that is why we are racing as Team Lotus."