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Fernandes pushes forward with rebranding

ESPNF1 Staff
December 22, 2010 « Whitmarsh better at managing champions - Dennis | »
Tony Fernandes has rebranded his team with a sign very similar to the Group Lotus trademark © Getty Images

Tony Fernandes is pushing ahead with the rebranding of his F1 team to Team Lotus, after the official website and factory signage were redesigned to feature the new name and ACBC logo.

Fernandes bought the rights to Team Lotus after Group Lotus withdrew its naming license at the end of last season. His right to use the historic name is set to be debated in court, but Fernandes is confident he will be given the go-ahead.

"The migration to Team Lotus brand has started," Fernandes wrote on Twitter. "It's a shame. I liked Lotus Racing and always thought Team Lotus should be returned to Chapman family. But that's the deck of hand [cards] we got handed."

The new website can be viewed at www.teamlotus.co.uk.

The Group Lotus sponsored Renault F1 website, located at www.lotusrenaultgp.com, will be launched on January 31.