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Hamilton and Alonso accept post-race penalties

ESPNF1 Staff
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Fernando Alonso walks back from the stewards' office © Sutton Images

Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso have no complaints about the punishments handed to them by the stewards of the Malaysian Grand Prix.

Both drivers were given 20-second post-race penalties for their driving during a close battle that ended in a collision.

Hamilton was deemed to have breached Article 20.2 of the Sporting Regulations, which outlaws "manoeuvres liable to hinder other drivers" - in Hamilton's case changing his line twice while blocking Alonso on lap 45.

"I knew I was going to get a penalty, I'm not surprised," Hamilton was quoted by Autosport. "I was in with the stewards, so I anticipated it. I always try to assume the worst-case scenario. It's only one spot, and it's not really made me feel any worse than how the weekend has gone anyway."

When asked if it was fair, he replied: "It's racing. I'm not going to argue or disagree with the penalty. From my side I'm not allowed to move more than once. Do I class it as dangerous? No, but that's the rule.

"Twenty seconds is not such a bad penalty for it. As for Fernando, he hit me, he got a 20-second penalty, but it didn't really do anything to him. It doesn't exactly work out as a penalty, but again, that's racing."

Alonso was penalised for breaking Article 16.1 when he caused an avoidable accident attempting to pass Hamilton on lap 46. The collision resulted in damage to the rear of the McLaren and a broken front wing on the Ferrari.

"It doesn't change positions, so there is no a big drama," he said. "I finished sixth in the race anyway, and it was a race incident. I tried to overtake, we touched each other and unfortunately I broke the front wing and had to pit again, and I lost the podium possibility. But in the next race I will try again."

Asked who he blamed for the collision, Alonso said: "It is one of those things. You try and race and we touched each other. The stewards called us to see our opinions and the decision is this.

"We are not the ones that decide, or have anything to say about the decision. We try to race, to try to enjoy the race in the cockpit and hopefully next time we finish both with no problems."