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Whitmarsh hopes for Red Bull divisions

ESPNF1 Staff
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Martin Whitmarsh thinks Red Bull's frosty driver relationship could play to McLaren's advantage © Getty Images

McLaren team boss Martin Whitmarsh said that he hoped the 'cracks and divisions' forming at Red Bull could play to his team's advantage but that he was not relying on it.

Red Bull appeared to favour Sebastian Vettel on Saturday by giving him the last remaining updated front wing from Mark Webber's car and forcing Webber to use a lower-spec version. Webber then aired his views over team favouritism over the radio as he crossed the line to win Sunday's British Grand Prix saying: "Not bad for a No. 2 driver."

"I don't know what's happening there," said Whitmarsh after the British Grand Prix. "We have got to concentrate on our situation. A lot of people speculated on the relationship between our two drivers. And the fact is that it hasn't been a news story yet meant people tried to make it one.

"I hope there are cracks and divisions in all our competitors and they all fall apart, but I am not going to rely on it. We have got to make our car quicker and try and win the championships that way."

After seeing Lewis Hamilton extend his lead at the top of the drivers' championship with second place at Silverstone, Whitmarsh added that the internal problems at Red Bull Racing could prove harmful to his rivals' chances.

"I think if your drivers aren't working together then it is one more distraction you could do without. You have got to think carefully about decisions. Drivers are immensely competitive individuals. They wouldn't be doing that job otherwise, so if they perceive something that is not even-handed or fair, then you are going to have some trouble.

"There is always a potential tension with two drivers in the same team fighting for a championship. We've experienced that a few times, it's difficult, but I have to say that so far I think we are in reasonable shape in that regard."