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Webber remains angry with Red Bull decision

ESPNF1 Staff
July 11, 2010 « Hamilton admits Webber was unbeatable | »

As delighted as he was with his win at Silverstone, Mark Webber was clearly still far from happy with his team after weekend which ends with major concerns over the relationship between him and Sebastian Vettel.

Webber could not resist a dig at his team as he crossed the line- "Not bad for a No. 2" - and in front of photographers he and Vettel later exchange the briefest of handshakes.

Hopes the victory would have calmed him down were clearly overoptimistic as he told the BBC he "would never have signed a contract for next year if I believed that was the way going forward".

"I was disappointed. We will see how it goes in the future, I will keep doing what I am doing and I hope it is enough. I've had a few hurdles in my career, sometimes privately as well, so I think you can judge a person's character by how they come back from adversity. Some drivers have that, I've had a bit more than others.

"It can work but obviously it is not how long is a piece of string. You have to make sure it is not constantly happening because it can test you too much but if the balance is right it can put some fuel on the fire."

He said the team would sit down once the dust had settled and talk things through. "Yesterday I wasn't happy, clearly, and I am sure we will have some pretty decent chats. Today went well for me and that's it."

As for the decision to give Vettel the wing yesterday, he said it should not have happened. "I wasn't massively in favour of [it] but that is the way it goes sometimes. Some of the drivers offered me front wings on the parade lap from their cars but I said stick with what I've got. Seb didn't."