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Hamilton plays down Rosberg's German allegiance

ESPN Staff
July 8, 2014 « Raikkonen rested from Silverstone test | Gearbox issues raises concerns at Mercedes »
Nico Rosberg has been vocal in his support of Germany's FIFA World Cup efforts © Getty Images

Lewis Hamilton has poked fun at Mercedes team-mate and title rival Nico Rosberg's allegiance to Germany ahead of his home race at Hockenheim.

Team-mate Rosberg was born to a German mother and Finnish father, 1982 champion Keke, but has spent the majority of his life in Monaco. Despite the fact Rosberg races under the German flag in Formula One, Hamilton does not think this will give him an edge at Hockenheim.

"To be honest Nico has never actually been in Germany, so it's not really his home race," Hamilton said. "I remember when we were in karting he didn't stand next to a German flag - ever! We had to go on the start line and all the drivers would stand next to a grid girl.

"They would be holding a flag or a sign saying Hungary or whatever, and he always stood by Monaco. He never stood by Germany. I've known him growing up in Monaco, so I know Monaco is his home."

Despite this, Hamilton acknowledges the fact that Rosberg will be the subject of the pre-race attention in Germany as he was at Silverstone.

"He definitely will because undoubtedly he's German, but he's German - Finnish, from Monaco, or whatever. So he'll get that support in Monaco and Germany, and he's always had great support there.

"He'll have a busier week there than I will, just like I did ahead of Silverstone. But it's always good to beat others on their home turf, so it would be great to win in Germany."