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Mercedes 'destined for success' - Rosberg

ESPN Staff
September 6, 2012 « Massa believes he can remain at Ferrari | Button expects Hamilton to stay at McLaren »
Nico Rosberg: "Mercedes is one of the most prestigious teams in F1 and destined for success" © Sutton Images

Nico Rosberg says Mercedes is "destined for success" as speculation continues that Lewis Hamilton might join the team in 2013.

McLaren sporting director Sam Michael insists that negotiations are at "an advanced stage" with Hamilton over a new deal, but Hamilton himself has refused to confirm or deny the link to Mercedes. When asked why Mercedes would be a good option for Hamilton, Rosberg said the team may not be as successful as McLaren at present but it will be in future.

"Mercedes is one of the most prestigious teams in F1 and destined for success also," Rosberg said. "They're going flat out with making everything right so that we become the best team in F1 and that's going to happen, so it's definitely a very good place to be.

"From my perspective Mercedes and Ferrari are on one level in terms of the history in F1 and the standing. It's very special to drive for the Silver Arrow and especially to win with the Silver Arrow."

Red Bull's Mark Webber also had to agree a new contract this year, and he says the sooner Hamilton makes a decision the better.

"I think it makes it hard where you're working if you're procrastinating," Webber said. "So that's something which is clearly in all of our minds when we make these decision because it's not just the bed you're in it's the bed you might go to. So you've got to factor that up as a driver. He's big enough and ugly enough to make those decisions himself - as we all are - so we'll see how it goes."