• Monaco Grand Prix

Bomb experts deal with suspect package

ESPNF1 Staff
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A bomb disposal expect inspects the package © Getty Images
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Bomb disposal experts were called into the paddock on Thursday night to deal with a suspicious white box left at one of the paddock gates.

The police cordoned off a small area near the media centre before a controlled explosion was carried out on the plastic box, while a group of journalists, photographers and paddock staff watched on from a safe distance. A loud bang was heard in and around the paddock, but once the situation was dealt with the contents of the box appeared to be nothing more than a few electrical cables.

The situation was dealt with calmly by the local police while one of Monaco's traditional Thursday-night parties on the nearby Red Bull floating motorhome went uninterrupted.

It was the second year running a bomb disposal unit has been needed in the paddock ahead of the race.