• Monaco Grand Prix

Webber hails 'amazing day'after Monaco victory

ESPNF1 Staff
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Mark Webber clebrates his second Monaco win © Sutton Images

Mark Webber said that he owed his second victory at Monaco to managing his tyres and brake balance as well as holding off a charging Nico Rosberg.

Webber maintained his lead off the line and held on for victory amidst light rain and fading light after he kept hold of his lead after the pit stops.

"It was a very interesting race, reasonably straightforward at the start, getting the gap on the super softs and just managing with Nico," said Webber. "Obviously we had a bit of a gap over the rest so both of us were getting away and then it was just a matter of getting a reasonable gap and also the weather was threatening around that pitstop window as well and we weren't sure whether to go a bit longer and put a set of inters on if it rained or whatever. The pit stop was good and we managd the rain well.

"Nico went for it and went early for the undercut and obviously a few people had to react to his chess move and then the next phase of the race was very strange because it was very hard to get the soft tyre warmed up and Seb had his and it wasn't wearing down very much so he was coming back into the picture. At the start of the stint I had very low front grip and had to manage that and move the brake balance around and try to get things organised and manage Nico and everyone else and I also didn't want Seb to manage the magic 21 seconds and make the stop and get the victory. So I managed to sort that out and then I could concentrate on Nico again and get the car to the end. An amazing day for the team so I'm really happy to have won again here and it's a great memory for me."

Webber's victory means there have been six different winners in as many races in this most incredible of starts to a Formula One season. And the Australian hopes his win can create some consistence and momentum although he admits a seventh winner in Montreal is a possibility.

"Quali has been up and down and the races hard to predict so even for us how to judge how the grand prix is going to unfold is not straightforward. So it's sometimes frustrating for us because we like to push the limits and get the most out of what we have. Maybe we'll have seven different winners after Montreal, you never know. But hopefully we can get a bit of routine now. It's rewarding because we won with the least competitiv car over the last three seasons, in a way."