• Turkish Grand Prix

Engine blow-out not a concern - Webber

ESPNF1 Staff
May 28, 2010 « Schumacher reserving judgement on latest updates | »
Mark Webber's car is lifted away after an engine failure © Sutton Images
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Mark Webber insists his engine failure during free practice for the Turkish Grand Prix is of little concern.

Drivers have an allocation of eight engines for the season and can alternate between them as and when they please. Most teams use high-mileage units in practice and save the fresh ones for the race to minimise the risk of a blow-out at a crucial time. Webber said that his problem at the end of Friday's free practice was on a Renault V8 that had already seen a lot of action.

"The engine went at the end of P2, but it was a high-mileage engine, so we were expecting it to be on the edge," he said.

After coasting backwards into a gap in the crash barriers Webber attempted to signal to the marshals to put something behind the front wheel to stop it rolling backwards. However, the message did not translate to the Turks assisting him.

"There's no hand brake on a F1 car so when I stopped I was trying to tell them to put something behind the wheel to stop the car rolling back," Webber said. "A frustrating thing to explain from within the car."

He also echoed team-mate Vettel's comments that Red Bull's F-duct was still a work in progress that the team would have to analyse before running in a race environment.

"We need to analyse the new F-duct system tonight, we know it's not the most straightforward of systems," Webber added. "The guys have done a phenomenal job to get it to this point and we're happy with how it went today but, whether we race it or not, we don't know yet."