• Canadian Grand Prix

Vettel expects McLaren to shine in Montreal

ESPNF1 Staff
June 10, 2010 « Brawn targets Red Bull by mid-season | »
Sebastian Vettel expects McLaren to be even stronger this weekend © Sutton Images

Sebastian Vettel has conceded that the Red Bull might not be as well suited to the Montreal track as the McLaren this weekend.

The circuit is a bit of a one off that puts an onus on straight-line speed, braking stability and traction. So far this year the RB6's forte has been in high-speed corners, where it has extracted huge amounts of downforce from its upper bodywork. However, the cost of extra downforce is drag on the straights, and without a working F-duct the Red Bull has had one of the lowest top speeds.

"It's a very nice track, I like it," Vettel said about the Circuit de Gilles Villeneuve. "Probably on paper, it's not the best for our car, but on the other hand our car has been very competitive at every single race this year. So I think we can go there with our heads held high and we will try to do our best."

By pioneering the F-duct McLaren has enjoyed the best straight-line speed of all the cars in F1 and Vettel thinks that advantage will be more prominent in Canada this weekend.

"I think the McLarens will be very strong there because, whatever you call it - the j-switch or f-duct system - should work pretty well there again. It'll also be similar in Valencia that is coming up right after Montreal. So we'll see, but I think we have a very good chance, we'll try our best and try to score the maximum points."

McLaren's Lewis Hamilton agrees with Vettel about his team's chances, and indicated that updates to the MP4-25 have been aimed at solving the slow-speed traction problems he was having in Monaco.

"This is a circuit where perhaps there is less opportunity for the advantage of Red Bull maybe," Hamilton said at a press conference in Canada. "On turns four, seven and nine, the Red Bull will be quite strong on those exits, but otherwise we should be strong on the straights. Other teams are constantly developing their cars, and we are doing the same. Hopefully our car will suit the track a bit more than Monaco and we will have a good weekend."