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Vettel plays down impact of engine map clarification

ESPN Staff
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Sebastian Vettel: "There's probably more of a fuss outside the car than in it" © Sutton Images

Sebastian Vettel is expecting the FIA's recent technical clarification on engine mapping to have a minimal effect on Red Bull's performance in Hungary this weekend.

The stewards investigated Red Bull's engine mapping on the morning of the German Grand Prix after the FIA flagged concerns about the nature of its torque output and its relation to off-throttle exhaust blowing - a practice banned this year. However, the RB8's engine map was found to comply with the letter of the regulations, even if it circumvented with the intention of them, and the FIA responded by issuing a clarification to attempt to close the loophole.

But when asked what effect the clarification would have on his car's performance, Vettel played down the impact and said it was hard to quantify.

"There's probably more of a fuss outside the car than in it," he said. "What we had on the car in Hockenheim was what we decided to go for because we believed it was quickest. It's a little bit different here, but it's hard to express [the difference]. It's hard to say two tenths, half a tenth or nothing because we can't measure it either."

Vettel said all the teams have tried to get around the ban on exhaust-blown diffusers, but that the performance of his car is not dependent on the engine map it ran in Germany.

"If you look at the cars this year they are very different from last year in terms of the regulations and the way that you are forced to put the exhaust in a certain position," he added. "If you look what people try to achieve, it's in a way similar to last year so everyone tries to do his best. But it's not as if the car doesn't work any more and I'm quite confident nothing has changed."