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Robert Kubica could leave Renault

ESPNF1 Staff
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Kubica is waiting for more information on Genii before committing to Renault © Sutton Images

Doubt has been cast over Robert Kubica's position as a driver at Renault, after his manager said his client may consider his options now the team has been taken over by Genii Capital.

Kubica signed for Renault at the end of last season after his previous employer, BMW, announced it would be leaving the sport. However, on Wednesday Renault announced that Genii had bought a major part of the team to ensure its future in Formula One. Full details have yet to be revealed about the deal but Kubica's manager Daniele Morelli said his driver would not automatically stay with the team.

"It's a positive reaction but we have asked for more information," Morelli told BBC Sport. "We would like to know about Genii Capital and who is doing what in the team - a partner can be a sleeping partner or a controlling partner. The cards have changed in respect of when we signed and it's important Renault give us full information.

"We are not against the new position in principle, but it is important to know who will run the team and what kind of strategies they will use. It could be positive or negative. We need some time - at least a few days - to evaluate the new situation so I am not in a position to say if we will leave or stay."

Morelli said it wasn't so much a question over who the new owners are, but a question over the direction the team will now take.

"I don't have sufficient information to judge the new partner but I must believe that Renault have researched their new partner because they have the responsibility of the brand," he said. "I would imagine Renault has very strong guarantees about what the future will be. I don't see any fundamental issue that creates a concern - our fundamental issue is that we have a car that performs. The concern is maybe that the situation has created a delay because uncertainty can slow down the endeavours of the staff."