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Rivals full of praise for Vettel

ESPNF1 Staff
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Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa say Sebastian Vettel fully deserves to win the title © Sutton Images

Fernando Alonso, Felipe Massa and Lewis Hamilton have heaped praise on Sebastian Vettel as he closes in on the driver's championship.

If Vettel wins in Singapore and Alonso is fourth or lower while neither Jenson Button nor Mark Webber are second, then Vettel will be world champion. It would see him take away Alonso's record of being the youngest double world champion, winning back-to-back titles, but Alonso said that both Vettel and Red Bull fully deserve the success on the back of a dominant 2011 season so far.

"He is driving fantastically at the moment," Alonso said. "This year he makes no mistakes or very few mistakes, where last year we had a few more chances. In general, he has been the best driver with the best package and they deserve where they are."

Massa echoed his team-mate's words, saying that Vettel's performances this year have been "incredible".

"Vettel deserves it, because, even if he is in the most competitive car on the grid, what he has done is incredible and the title is well deserved," Massa said. "It's not nice when the championship is over as early as this, but he did the job in the best car and this is the result."

Lewis Hamilton also paid trubite to Vettel, highlighting his approach when being so dominant.

"I think he's driven exceptionally this year. He's really driven very, very well. He's finished first or second in all the races apart from one. Massively consistent, massively well controlled, his persona, his attitude, has been very professional. He's made very few mistakes."