Spanish Grand Prix Circuit de Catalunya, Barcelona May 8-10, 2015

Total laps 66
Lap distance 4.655 km
Track Conditions Dry / 44C

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Free practice 1  May 8 - 10:00 local | 08:00 GMT | 09:00 BST
Free practice 2  May 8 - 14:00 local | 12:00 GMT | 13:00 BST
Free practice 3  May 9 - 11:00 local | 09:00 GMT | 10:00 BST

Qualifying  May 9 - 14:00 local | 12:00 GMT | 13:00 BST
Race  May 10 - 14:00 local | 12:00 GMT | 13:00 BST

  Pos Driver Team Laps Pits
1 Rosberg GER Mercedes 66 2
2 Hamilton FL GBR Mercedes 66 3
3 Vettel GER Ferrari 66 2
4 Bottas FIN Williams 66 2
5 Räikkönen FIN Ferrari 66 2
6 Massa BRA Williams 66 3
7 Ricciardo AUS Red Bull 65 2
8 Grosjean FRA Lotus F1 65 2
9 Sainz ESP Toro Rosso 65 2
10 Kvyat RUS Red Bull 65 2
11 Verstappen NED Toro Rosso 65 2
12 Nasr BRA Alfa Romeo 65 2
13 Perez MEX Racing Point 65 2
14 Ericsson SWE Alfa Romeo 65 2
15 Hülkenberg GER Racing Point 65 3
16 Button GBR McLaren 65 3
17 Stevens GBR Manor 63 3
18 Merhi ESP Manor 62 3
collision Maldonado VEN Lotus F1 45 4
brakes Alonso ESP McLaren 26 2

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Another one-two victory for Mercedes, making it three out of five. But most significantly it was the first for Rosberg, which rather changes the dynamic in the championship. Even better, we have the pressure cooker that is the Monaco Grand Prix circuit for the next round of the championship.

Vettel seems happy enough with third, but a gap of 45.3s to Mercedes on such am aero-dependant circuit will not go down well in Maranello.

Thanks for joining us for the Spanish Grand Prix. Plenty or reaction to come so make sure you keep checking back to hear what the drivers and teams had to say.

Lap 66

At the front Rosberg wins by 17.5s from Hamilton and 45.3s from the closest Ferrari of Vettel.

Bottas holds off Raikkonen to take fourth. Sainz did get ahead of Kvyat for ninth, but will the stewards have something to say about that last lap overtaking attempt at Turn 1. I'd like to see it again to pass comment.

A replay shows that Sainz went to the outside, but Kvyat was the one who locked up and arguably caused the contact. Sainz then ran deep and the stewards are investigating what happened later as Sainz rejoined in front of Kvyat after leaving the track. I'm with Sainz on that one as I believe he was forced off by Kvyat's mistake, but I didn't see how he rejoined the track.

Lap 65

I can't see this happening for Raikkonen. With every lap that passes, his tyre advantage over Bottas wanes and he is currently nowhere near passing him into Turn 1.

The gap from Rosberg at the front and Vettel in third is 44,0s. Who said the era of Mercedes domination was over?

Lap 64

Hamilton has cooled off his pace. He is 0.8s slower than Rosberg on that last lap but has no reason to worry with a whopping 28.7s lead over Vettel in third. Bottas is 12.4s off Vettel and Raikkonen 0.6s behind Bottas.

Lap 63

Sainz passes Verstappen into Turn 1 to take 10th. Raikkonen continues to toil away behind the Williams. It looks like he may well struggle in a similar way to how Vettel struggled in Bahrain.

Lap 62

The traffic also seems to be playing into Bottas' hands at the moment. Kvyat meanwhile, has closed to within a second of Grosjean. The two Toro Rossos are also battling over the final point with Sainz all over the back of Verstappen.

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