• Turkish Grand Prix - Qualifying

Webber - 'Tremendous pace in the car'

ESPNF1 Staff
May 29, 2010
Mark Webber: 'It's a real credit that we can come to each track and be strong' © Sutton Images

There was no hiding Mark Webber's pleasure after he secured his third successive pole position for Sunday's Turkish Grand Prix at Istanbul Park. Lewis Hamilton ensured there would be no Red Bull 1-2 as he qualified in second with Sebastian Vettel in third.

"It's a great record .... it shows tremendous pace in the car and we have been to a lot of different venues now," Webber said. "We're still a quick team … it's a real credit that we can come to each track and be strong.

"We have had a good run of it of late, and we need to get better on Sundays so we've done it in the last few races and that is what team's focus will be on tomorrow."

He said the team's decision to ditch the F-duct had been right. "It's a special project to get right. McLaren did and fair play to them. We'd more to lose than gain by taking risks … we're not fifth or sixth quickest, we're in the hunt, so let's consolidate. We don't put stuff on car to go slower and we won't start now."

Hamilton said getting so close to the "untouchable" Red Bulls was "a real boost for me and my team".

"Knowing we have a good baseline pace, and our race pace is even better, it puts us in a strong position tomorrow. We will continue to push and have some new bits coming for the future." But he was still aware there was a lot of work to be done.

"These guys are easily flat out through Turn 8 in qualifying, but they pull out four tenths from us in that corner, although with full fuel we'll be a little bit closer. But it's a point where you can degrade tyres quickly if you don't treat them well. I hope we have good balance."

Hamilton will also look to attack Webber early on, with some pundits predicting he could well be quicker off the grid. "We're in the best spot I have ever been to start the race," he said. "If I can get close enough to Mark then without a doubt I will be taking the opportunity. We have to look after the tyres, and then see what happens."

Vettel, who had impressed in Q1 and Q2, suffered from brake problems in Q3. "The first lap was brilliant up until Turn 12 and under braking I slightly locked the front, but that was no issue. Then it was weird because the front kept locking and never came back. After Turn 12 and Turn 13 the wheel turned again, and then the same again … I locked the inside wheel easily and the car didn't stop, I went straight and lost a bit of time. Otherwise it should easily have been a lot quicker."

"I am not the type of guy who says the car is broken and that is it. I always try to do better. If you look at today, Q1/Q2 was quick enough and in Q3 we lost it."