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Rampage: Does Teixeira think we're stupid?

ESPN staff
January 24, 2013
Rampage: Does Glover think I'm stupid?

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Rampage Jackson has told Glover Teixeira to come clean about his gameplan ahead of this weekend's UFC on Fox 6 main event, challenging his rival to try and knock him out.

Jackson and Teixeira clash in a light-heavyweight encounter on Saturday, with Rampage looking for one last knockout before he quits the UFC.

If both men choose to stand the fight has fireworks written all over it, and Teixeira has claimed publicly that he plans to KO his opponent. However, Jackson has seen training footage on the internet that suggests Teixeira is coming to grapple.

"He's a really good fighter, but the only thing I don't like about Glover is that he's got a big mouth. I see right through him, saying he's going to knock me out and stand with me, when all the details show he's going to hold me against the cage," Rampage told ESPN.

"I see what's up, I plan on knocking him out so we'll see what type of a man he is, whether he's all hype or not.

"I don't think Glover will lay on top of me. He'll be aggressive, he'll try to finish me - I can't hate on that. It's MMA, I can't hate on someone for taking me down. It's the ones that hold me down and refs don't stand us up, they're the ones.

"But Glover shouldn't say he's going to knock me out when he's clearly training to take me down and ground-and-pound me. You've got it on the internet, we can see you training wrestling and takedowns, how stupid do you think we are?!

"If I can keep the fight standing, I'll be laughing. He's putting himself in the danger zone. I'm training with monsters in this training camp, I'll finish Glover."

Rampage has also questioned the reason why the UFC is hyping Teixeira as a future opponent for Jon Jones. The Brazilian has not lost since 2005, but he does not have A-list names on his fight record.

"Glover's a tough guy, and the UFC have got to make their money off this guy so they're going to hype him to be something more than what he is," Rampage said.

"I just don't know why he's so hyped, I don't really know who he has beaten, who's his toughest opponent?"

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