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Testosterone replacement therapy is bulls*** - BJ Penn

ESPN staff
June 29, 2011

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Hours after Nate Marquardt's Tuesday explanation for his medical withdrawal at UFC Live, BJ Penn's official Twitter account has labelled testosterone replacement therapy "BS" (bulls***).

Marquardt appeared on the MMA Hour to explain why he failed a medical exam ahead of his clash with Rick Story. The axed former UFC fighter revealed he had been undergoing Hormone Replacement Therapy due to a low level of testosterone.

"I was not medically cleared because of a situation I've been dealing with since August. Last year, I was feeling sluggish and my memory had gone out the window. I was irritable," said Marquardt.

"I got the fight with Dan Miller in New Jersey (last year), where I applied for a therapeutic use exemption. They came back and said they would let me fight this fight, but they wanted to make sure that I needed the treatment. They wanted me to go off treatment for eight weeks, take three blood tests and have an endocrinologist examine them to make sure I still needed treatment

"The endocrinologist wrote out a letter that said I had low testosterone and I was a candidate for hormone replacement therapy and that I should go back on treatment. [My doctor] said [therapy] wouldn't make me feel better by the time of my [next] fight [with Story] unless we did a more aggressive treatment.

"So I was on the treatment for two weeks and I took a blood test, which is normal throughout treatment to make sure you're in normal ranges. That test came back high. At that point, my doctor said I should go off treatment and hope that I was down to normal levels. At that point, I was panicked."

The official Twitter account of Penn has not cried foul play against Marquardt directly, but it has called into question the need for Hormone Replacement Therapy in the world of MMA.

"All this testosterone replacement therapy stuff is total BS," read the first tweet. "A true martial artist would never consider cheating.

"Everyone has to come together and get this 'ped' cancer out of our sport. If you can't do it of carbs, fats, proteins and vitamins and minerals you're weak."

Marquardt maintains he merely mistimed his treatment, and he expects to be released from suspension by the Pennsylvania Athletic Commission within the next few days.

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