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Massa frustrated at Q2 traffic

ESPNF1 Staff
November 13, 2010 « I could have been sixth - Schumacher | »
Felipe Massa was held up by Lewis Hamilton in Q2 © Sutton Images

Felipe Massa admitted to being a little frustrated at qualifying sixth on the grid after being held up by Lewis Hamilton towards the end of Q2, ruining one of his flying laps.

"On my last out lap, I came up behind so much traffic and it was all very confusing, especially as Hamilton, who was ahead of me, had slowed a lot at Turn 14," said Massa. "At the end of the session, I was called to the Stewards to discuss this incident and also the one with Hamilton again in Q2: this sort of thing can happen as can be seen from the fact that no action was taken.

"I reached the exit of the final corner, I saw the red light and, instinctively, I thought I had not got there in time to do the flying lap. In fact, I had made it, but I did not push immediately as hard as I could have done, so I came back to the pits when I realised I would not have improved my time. It's a real shame because I could definitely have done better and therefore started further up the grid."

Despite qualifying sixth, Massa still lines up next to Mark Webber on the third row and is in a good position to help out team-mate Fernando Alonso in his quest for the drivers' title.

"Tomorrow, I am expecting a very hard fought battle between three teams - us, McLaren and Red Bull - who are all very much on the pace. I will try to make up some places at the start and then to do the maximum for the team. However, in terms of performance, I think the situation is better than we could have expected. Fernando starts with a couple of aces to play, which in Poker usually signifies a strong hand."