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FIA shuts diffuser loophole

ESPNF1 Staff
March 20, 2010 « FIA opens applications for 13th team | »
Some teams will be forced to rethink their diffusers in time for the next race © Sutton Images

As reported by ESPNF1 last weekend, several teams will have to make modifications to their diffuser designs ahead of the Australian Grand Prix after a ruling by the FIA clamping down on a loophole.

Discussions between the FIA and four teams - understood to be Force India, McLaren, Mercedes and Renault - took place in Bahrain about the size of starter motor holes in their diffusers which were believed to be too wide. While this was not a technical breach of the rules, the FIA's view was that it was not in accordance with the spirit of them.

As a result of FIA inspections and the meeting, a note has been sent out clarifying the exact dimensions allowed. This will mean the four teams will have to make changes before practice in Melbourne next Friday.