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'Is it normal I have no power?'

Nate Saunders March 18, 2014
Sebastian Vettel was left rather confused by Red Bull's struggles on Sunday © Sutton Images

After the opening race of the season we bring you the best radio soundbites from Melbourne, with proof that Jenson Button may be telepathic and that Kimi Raikkonen is not completely radio-shy after all.

"Sorry guys. Sorry guys. Really sorry… sorry guys."

Kamui Kobayashi not showing much contrition after his first-corrner accident with Felipe Massa.

"OK, wave your arms in the air, mate. Wave your arms in the air."

Jules Bianchi's race engineer might well be a fan of puppet film Team America, giving his driver this memorable piece of advice on how to deal with his predicament after stopping on the grid.

"OK, is it normal that I have no power?"

Even four-times world champion Sebastian Vettel is not 100% sure on how the new cars are supposed to work this year. It isn't normal, by the way, Seb.

"Engine is not running smoothly. I will get passed, so you are aware……Do something! I have no power, less IC than normal and no 'K'! No 'K'!.....That's ridiculous guys!"

And Vettel's mood gets worse a few laps later, as he throws toys out of his turbo-engined pram after realising retirement is probably imminent in his stuttering Red Bull.

"At the moment we have an issue with the radio, because I cannot hear you."

At least it is proof he listens occasionally. Kimi Raikkonen for once shows concern about the silence in his ears.

"This is mega, Valtteri. Good work."

Williams race engineer Jonathan Eddolls tells Valtteri Bottas he admires his work as he carves through the field. He should have held his tongue, though, as Bottas would end up scraping the wall two laps later, sustaining a puncture which would deny him the chance of a podium.

"What are the laptimes that the leaders are doing? Obviously not the Mercedes, but the rest."

Jenson Button under no illusions the rest of the field is in a race of its own as Nico Rosberg disappears into the distance.

"Why I get blue flags all the time? Every corner I get blue flags!"........ "Ignore them! You are racing all the cars!"

Marcus Ericsson is clearly not willing to settle for life at the back of the pack, and gets some memorable advice from race engineer Angel Baena about those pesky marshals and their flags.

"Is there nothing else I can do for reliability?"

In cruise mode from lap 19 onwards, Nico Rosberg tries to make sure he is doing everything possible to make sure he does not join team-mate Lewis Hamilton in the garage.

"So what at the moment? I don't have power, how can I overtake him?"

Sergio Perez clearly unimpressed with being told to pass Sauber's Adrian Sutil.

"Does Ricciardo have to save fuel, you think?"

Jenson Button possibly demonstrating a telepathic link between himself and Charlie Whiting.

"Brilliant! What a car you've given me. What a car… unbelieveable."

Nico Rosberg realises he could be in for a memorable year after taking the chequered flag.

"That's… that's really cool [laughs]. Wow.".......... "That's brilliant mate. I think we can see your smile from here. Nice job."

Daniel Ricciardo tries to digest becoming the first Australian on the Albert Park podium, and receives congratulations from race engineer Simon Rennie. Unfortunatly for Ricciardo, the smile would not last.

Daniel Ricciardo's podium joy was short-lived in Melbourne © Press Association

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