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'Get this f****** Williams out of my way!'

Nate Saunders April 2, 2014
Valtteri Bottas seemed to be in the centre of everything in Malaysia © Sutton Images

After the second race of the new season we bring you the best radio soundbites from Sepang, as Felipe Massa suffers a touch of deja vu and Daniel Ricciardo has another weekend he will not be forgetting in a hurry.

"The rear of the car is a disaster"

Romain Grosjean's weekend would improve on raceday but in Friday practice he was not mincing his words about his erratic E22.

"Get this f****** Williams out of my way!"

It is safe to say Daniel Ricciardo was slightly irked by the sight of Valtteri Bottas tiptoeing down the back straight while on the wrong tyres in qualifying.

"You're completely confusing me! I was on my fast lap!

As the rain continues to fall on Saturday Daniil Kvyat feels all at sea by the advice given to him as he is told not to overtake during a qualifying run.

"Did you see what he did!? He touched me!"

Things start to get a little tasty at Williams. Felipe Massa takes offence at Valtteri Bottas giving him what we can only assume was polite encouragement to speed up a bit while trying to pass Kevin Magnussen on lap eight.

"Then tell him to go through. I have more pace."

But Bottas is in no mood for excuses after being told to back off Massa until he has safely navigated past the McLaren. Unfortunately for Williams it would be a sign of things to come.

"No, if something happens there I want to be a part of it."

Daniel Ricciardo finds a polite way of telling his race engineer he has no intention of turning down his engine with Sebastian Vettel seemingly reeling in Nico Rosberg ahead of him.

"Ok Daniel we have a stop/go penalty"….. "We might as well just call it a day."

Unfortunately for Ricciardo the something he was eventually part of was a calamitous Red Bull pit stop while in fourth. After stopping again for front wing damage, Ricciardo has no qualms throwing in the towel after learning he has received a punishment for the second race in a row. At least this one was during the race, Daniel.

"Okay Felipe, Valtteri is faster than you, do not hold him up"

Poor old Felipe Massa. For a second he must have thought he had accidentaly clambered into a DeLorean destined for Hockenheim 2010. Worst of all, instead of it being a two-time world champion behind him, it was a team-mate in his second race of his second season. Perhaps unsurprisingly Massa did not budge.

"We are not yet where we want to be, but we will get there"

Sebastian Vettel delivers an ominous message to the rest of the paddock after crossing the line in third place.

"Awesome race Lewis. Faultless weekend. Done the job there pal."

Same story, different driver. Following Nico Rosberg's example from Melbourne, Hamilton's receives praise of the highest order from the pit wall after dominating the race from lights out.

This time it was Lewis Hamilton receiving the plaudits from Mercedes © Sutton Images

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