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Fury backs down in Price row

ESPN staff
October 19, 2012

Tyson Fury has taken the heat out of his feud with David Price by apologising for some of his more inflammatory remarks over the past week.

Fury has, among a host of other insults, made clear his intention to put Price in intensive care should they ever fight. The two unbeaten heavyweights were on a collision course earlier this year - but the bout was dashed when Fury surrendered the British title instead of facing Price, who has subsequently claimed Fury was running scared.

Fury has also denied responsibility for a tweet which appeared on his Twitter timeline suggesting all gay people should be shot.

"I was out of order for calling people names and the outbursts I've done, and I'd like to apologise for that," he said to the Guardian. "But the tweet was nothing to do with me.

"As you know, I get a lot of abuse on Twitter. And while I'm abroad on training camp I train three times a day often for two hours a time, and I haven't got time to respond to all the people that ask questions. So I give my phone to my cousins at the camp. They're only young lads and they give abuse back. Today I've come back and they were laughing about calling some people some names and whatever.

"When I found out what they had done I was furious. I said: 'Listen, it's not a funny subject this. You shouldn't get involved in people's sexuality.' And I've got the phone back off them instantly and explained to my followers that those comments weren't mine.

"I've got friends of my own who are gay and it's the 21st century, so who cares who is gay and who ain't? People who know me will tell you I've had many a good night out with a few gay people I know. Whatever they are it's none of my business and it's got nothing to do with boxing."

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