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Alonso has no regrets over Kubica move

ESPNF1 Staff
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Fernando Alonso: "I think we did what we had to do and I don't think we had to change anything" © Getty Images

Fernando Alonso has no regrets about his decision not to let Robert Kubica back past after illegally overtaking him at the British Grand Prix.

Alonso passed Kubica by cutting the corner at Club, but decided to press on ahead rather than let the Renault back through. By the time the stewards had investigated the decision and ordered Alonso to let Kubica back past, the Renault driver had retired and as a result Alonso was hit with a drive through penalty. To add to his woes, an unfortunately timed safety car meant he had to serve his punishment when the field was bunched up and he dropped to the back of the pack.

"I think we did what we had to do and I don't think we had to change anything," Alonso said. "There will be a lot of opinions from people watching on TV while having a beer, saying we should have let Kubica by in a moment when, first, there was nothing to do - if there'd had been a wall instead of grass I would have crashed against it and they would have penalised Kubica most likely.

"It depends on how you look at it," he said. "We thought it was fine. A few laps passed and there was no news and then, if we had wanted to let him by, Kubica had retired already so there was nothing to change."

However, Alonso does not think the stewards are biased against Ferrari.

"The criteria is the same for everybody," he said. "The stewards look closely at all the incidents of the race and they always make the decision they think is the right one."

When asked if he felt the reason for the penalty was fair, he smiled: "It's always fair."

Ferrari boss Stefano Domenicali said the team was not happy but had to continue to turn its negative results into motivation to succeed at the next grand prix.

"We seem to be really cursed at the moment, when everything that could go wrong, does," he said. "We are not happy, but we must not feel sorry for ourselves. Instead, we have to react calmly, remaining focussed and continuing to work in the way we did over the past few weeks.

"We go home with no points, but with the knowledge that we have a potential, in terms of the car, the team and the drivers, that is up to the right level to deal with the situation. We must not allow ourselves to give in to frustration: I am sure that the results and the points that have been lacking for so many reasons recently, will come.

"Clearly, the championship situation is looking complicated but we remain convinced we can still fight for the title. We will continue to push on the development of the F10, confident in our chances to make up the ground we have lost up until today."