14:04 Schumacher will start the race from the pit lane as his Hungarian Grand Prix weekend goes from bad to worse. Very odd. Schumacher tells his team that he thought he had to switch his engine off when the start was aborted.

14:02 We've had an aborted start as one of the Mercedes appears to have stalled. It's Schumacher who has been left on the grid as the cars go for another formation lap.

14:00 All the cars get away for the formation lap. The race is just moments away.

13:58 Webber has opted for medium tyres at the start. All the other drivers from pole to Petrov in 20th have gone for softs.

13:57 Hamilton looks relaxed in his cockpit as the teams prepare to fire up his engine ahead of the warm-up lap.

13:55 Track temperature is now up at 46C, which is about where it was in qualifying yesterday.

13:53 Jenson Button's helmet features a "Go Team GB" sticker in support of the athletes competing at the Olympics back in London.

13:51 Pirelli on the weather: "For the moment the sky's blue and it 's 30 degrees. Will the rain really come? We'll find out soon. "

13:49 Ross Brawn is expecting a very hard race for his Mercedes cars and that's not surprising with Nico Rosberg 13th on the grid and Michael Schumacher 17th. Neither driver had the pace to make Q3 yesterday which does not bode well for points in the race.

13:47 Track temperature is very high, but we're not tyre degradation to be too bad on the soft and medium tyres. Most drivers will probably opt for a two-stopper but a few of them might have to go for three to manage the degradation.

13:43 In terms of weather it's a bit of a scorcher at the moment, but rain is possible before the end of the race. If it does come it could well be in the form of a thunderstorm, but at the moment there are only blue skies over the Hungaroring.

13:42 Williams are also after a strong weekend with both cars starting in the top ten. They'll be hoping to push forward in the race and with Maldonado at the wheel of one of those cars you never know what is going to happen.

13:39 Championship leader Fernando Alonso is celebrating his 31st birthday today but needs a very strong performance to challenge for the win and will most likely be in damage limitation mode. Whatever happens he will still be leading the championship into the summer break.

13:35 Sebastian Vettel and Red Bull can't be ruled out from third on the grid, even though they have struggled for pace a bit this weekend. But he will have to keep his eyes in his mirrors with Jenson Button and Kimi Raikkonen behind him.

13:33 Lewis Hamilton is definitely the favourite after taking pole position by 0.4s yesterday, but Romain Grosjean is in with a good chance of his first F1 victory starting second on the grid. Lotus have been let down by their qualifying pace all year, but now Grosjean has the chance to call on the strong race pace of the E20 from a decent starting position.

13:30 Welcome to live coverage of the Hungarian Grand Prix. The start of the race is just 30 minutes away and we should be in for an interesting one with McLaren and Lotus looking stronger than they have done for quite some time and Red Bull and Ferrari also in the mix.

Lap 1

Hamilton runs deep into the first corner as Grosjean just about manages to fend Vettel off. Button takes advantage and gets past the Red Bull for third at turn four.

Webber up to seventh after a great start. He's behind Raikkonen who's lost a place to Alonso.

Lap 2

Hamilton leads by 1.4s as he crosses the line after the first lap. Button is 0.9s off Grosjean.

Raikkonen appears to have an issue with his KERS. Schumacher has pitted again but is now under investigation for speeding in the pit lane. Terrible day for him so far.

Raikkonen told to press "OK" on his steering wheel twice to reset his KERS and he's now on the back of Alonso.

Lap 3

Hamilton extends his lead to 2.1s and is looking comfortable at the front. Grosjean has Button 1.1s behind and Vettel is a further 0.9s off the McLaren.

Lap 4

The DRS is now enabled but it's not that an easy place to overtake even with the straight-line speed advantage.

Schumacher has been give a drive-through penalty for speeding in the pit lane.

Lap 5

Grosjean manages to better Hamilton on that last lap and the gap is back to 2.1s . He's extended his lead to 1.5s over Button though.

A replay shows that Glock had a spin a couple of laps ago. He's had a tough weekend here.

Lap 6

Hamilton responds to Grosjean and the gap increases slightly to 2.2s. Vettel is just 0.8s off Button and Alonso has Raikkonen 0.9s off his tail.

Webber is 0.9s off Raikkonen but he is on medium tyres so is on a different strategy to the cars around him and should run longer into this first stint.

Lap 7

Grosjean is matching Hamilton's pace now and both cars are over a tenth quicker than Button. Button just hasn't had the pace of his team-mate this weekend, so he may well start to drop off the pace of the front two, 1.9s is the gap at the moment.

Lap 8

Hamilton sets a new fastest lap to extend his lead to 2.3s. The Alonso/Raikkonen battle is the closest in the top ten, but the Lotus can't find a way past. Massa is also pretty close to Senna, who passed the Ferrari at the start, but he is also struggling to worry the back of the car in front.

Lap 9

Button is told that he is easing away from Vettel as he increases that gap to 1.6s. But he is now 2.8s behind Grosjean so from the cockpit it might feel as though he is going backwards a bit.

Meanwhile, Grosjean is still pegging the gap to Hamilton at 2.1s. The Lotus tends to be easier on its tyres but that might not come into play until later in the race. If the McLaren pits first the Lotus will have to respond to cover the pace of Hamilton on new tyres.

Lap 10

Button is now 3.2s off Grosjean as the top two continue to increase their lead.

Raikkonen is still within a second of Alonso but can't make anything stick into turn one. We don't know if he still has that KERS problem.

Lap 11

Hamilton edges the lead to 2.3s but Grosjean looks happy to manage the gap at the moment.

Lap 12

Hamilton increases his lead by another 0.2s on that lap after finding the pace over the Lotus in the middle sector.

Raikkonen has now slipped to a second off Alonso, possibly admitting defeat for now to look after his tyres.

Lap 13

Button has a poor middle sector and drops to 5.3s off Grosjean, who in turn lost another 0.2s to Hamilton.

Grosjean fights back with a fastest first sector yet, just proving that he's still got life in those tyres. Vergne has pitted, as has Kobayashi, as the first of the three-stoppers make their move.

Lap 14

Grosjean sets the fastest lap yet to close the gap to 2.4s again. Button has dropped to 6.0s off the Lotus and he needs to keep an eye in his mirrors with Vettel closing to 1.3s on that last lap.

Lap 15

Button is losing lots of time in the middle sector at the moment, but Vettel didn't gain much on that last lap.

Ricciardo pits.

Lap 16

Button pits after making a bit of an error and running wide. Button takes on medium tyres.

Hulkenberg also pits, as does Maldonado.

Lap 17

Grosjean closes to 2.0s of Hamilton. Vettel is 9.2s off Vettel.

Lap 18

Vettel pits, as does Alonso.

Button stays ahead of Vettel as the both cars rejoin the track with one stop completed.

Lap 19

Hamilton pits from the lead after coming under pressure from Grosjean. Hamilton takes on medium tyres. Not the fastest pit stop either.

For the record, Vettel took on softs at his stop, which is different to Button, Alonso and Hamilton.

Alonso is now being held up by Perez and that will help Raikkonen.

Lap 20

Grosjean pits for softs and comes out quite a long way behind Hamilton. It was also a tardy pit stop from Lotus.

Webber preparing for a stop and has asked for a little adjustment to his front wing. Raikkonen now leads and will pit now as Alonso has just passed Perez on track and has clear track ahead of him.

Lap 21

Raikkonen pits now and takes on the soft compound. Webber pits too.

Raikkonen comes out well ahead of Alonso and Webber is now on the back of the Ferrari.

Lap 22

Grosjean is pushing hard and is 2.6s off Hamilton. Vettel also pushing hard to close in to 0.8s of Button. Remember the McLarens are on hards and Grosjean and Vettel are on softs.

Hamilton told that Grosjean is on used options and is currently 0.7s quicker. But he is also reminded that the Lotus will have to pit sooner.

Lap 23

Grosjean closes to 2.2s off Hamilton. Button is 5.6s further back and has Vettel 0.9s off his gearbox.

The other battle emerging is between Alonso and Webber who are both on medium tyres and split by 0.7s.

Lap 24

Grosjean sets another very quick lap and slashes the lead to 1.3s.

Raikkonen is also pushing hard and has the gap to Vettel to 5.2s after losing time behind Alonso earlier in the race.

Lap 25

Grosjean is now 0.9s off Hamilton and will have a chance to use his DRS on this lap.

Vettel is 0.8s off Button who has dropped to 6.6s off the lead pair.

Lap 26

Grosjean loses a lot of time in the final sector on that last lap and is now 1.7s off the McLaren. He must have made a mistake. But he's also slow in the first sector of this next lap. Does he have a problem? No, he's back on target in the middle sector. Odd that he dropped so much time in the two previous sectors though.

Lap 27

2.4s is now the gap at the front after those bad sectors for Grosjean. Vettel, meanwhile, is still 0.7s off Button. Raikkonen is closing with 4.5s the gap to Vettel now.

Lap 28

Grosjean closes the gap again to 2.3s so maybe it was just a couple of mistakes in those two sectors a couple of laps ago. We didn't see anything on the screens but he definitely lost chunks of time in the last and first sector.

Raikkonen told to think about tweaking his cockpit settings to look after his tyres. He's now 5.1s off Vettel and needs to make his soft tyres last in this stint.

Lap 29

Grosjean has the gap back down to 1.7s so is hauling in Hamilton once more. Vettel remains 0.7s off Button. Relentless pressure from the Red Bull driver but Button is capable of soaking it up.

Lap 30

Grosjean takes another 0.5s out of Hamilton on this lap with the gap down to 1.2 overall. Hamilton looks consistent, Grosjean is clearly pushing hard but should get the opportunity to use his DRS at the end of this lap.

Lap 31

Grosjean wasn't quite quick enough on that last lap as he crosses the line 1.1s off Hamilton. He might just be struggling with the car in the turbulent wake of Hamilton.

Meanwhile, Vettel says he's much faster than Button but just cannot find a way past. He asks his team to "do something", presumably with strategy. The team says they know what he means but do not want to drop him into traffic behind after a pit stop.

Lap 32

Grosjean is 0.9s off Hamilton but runs a little wide. Button told to switch to plan B which might mean he will now attempt a three stop strategy.

Lap 33

Grosjean is now 1.3s off Hamilton and is having a few ragged moments. He may be able to catch Hamilton but he is going to struggle to find a way past.

Lap 34

Vettel is just 0.5s off Button as he laps Schumacher. Raikkonen is now just 3.9s off the Red Bull and that's another factor for the Red Bull pit wall to take into account.

Webber told that his race is with Alonso ahead and Senna behind after he failed to make his pressure on the Ferrari stick.

Lap 35

Button stops for a set of softs. He comes out behind the Williams and needs to find a way past to make his pace advantage on the softs work. So this is plan B and Hamilton has been told that he may have to go to plan B.

Lap 36

Vettel sets the fastest time of the race as he attempts to pump in some quick times to leapfrog Button. It looks like the Red Bull should do it as Button is now stuck behind Senna and losing time relative to Vettel.

Lap 37

Hamilton is still managing the gap to Grosjean with 1.2s the difference.

Button will also come under attack from Raikkonen when the Lotus makes it pit stop as Kimi has set a new fastest lap. He's 3.2s off the back of Vettel. And Button continues to lose time behind Senna.

Lap 38

Grosjean closes to 0.7s of Hamilton as the McLaren loses time behind back markers. "Some of these guys are not moving out of the damn way!" he tells his team.

Meanwhile Raikkonen sets another fastest lap, 1.2s faster than Button's latest lap.

Lap 39

Vettel pits for medium tyres and comes out ahead of Senna and Button. Button is still losing time behind the Williams and that has undoubtedly cost him position here.

Raikkonen is still nearly a second quicker than Button so he too could leapfrog the McLaren.

Lap 40

Grosjean pits from second and comes out ahead of Vettel who he had to cover.

Webber also pits in his plight to get past Alonso using strategy.

And STILL Button is stuck behind Senna.

Lap 41

Hamilton pits and comes out ahead of Alonso who is now between the McLaren and Grosjean on the track. Hamilton takes on mediums.

Lap 42

Raikkonen sets another fastest lap as he continues on his soft tyres in the lead. HE was 1.6s faster than his team-mate Grosjean on that last lap. Impressive stuff.

Lap 43

Raikkonen has a 14.1s lead over Hamilton and is about 0.7s a lap quicker at the moment. It takes 17s or more to make a pit stop here so Raikkonen is becoming a real contender here.

Lap 44

Alonso pits as does Massa. Ferrari manage to pit both cars without problem though.

Hamilton is now matching Raikkonen's pace. Raikkonen is 18.3s ahead of Grosjean so could come out ahead with a clean pit stop.

Lap 45

Hamilton is now quicker than Raikkonen, who is told to push really hard on this lap before pitting.

Lap 46

Raikkonen pits... medium tyres go on ... and comes out just ahead of Grosjean after the two ran wheel-to-wheel in the first corner. Fantastic racing between the two, but they just about avoided contact as Grosjean ran off the circuit.

Button pits again.

Lap 47

Hamilton is now 4.4s ahead of Raikkonen who is 1.6s up on Grosjean. Vettel is 0.6s off the Lotus and is looking racy.

It's also worth noting that Webber has got past Alonso at the last stops. Webber is 9.3s off Vettel.

Lap 48

Raikkonen gets the lead down to 3.5s and takes another 0.2s out of the McLaren in sector one. The Lotus is on much newer tyres, both are on medium compound tyres.

Button came out behind Alonso and is now on new tyres and 0.7s behind the Ferrari.

Lap 49

Raikkonen gets the gap down to 3.0s as Hamilton is told he will come under pressure but reminded that it's difficult to overtake.

Lap 50

2.6s is the gap on this lap between the lead two cars. Grosjean is 2.4s off his team-mate and 1.7s ahead of Vettel.

Lap 51

Raikkonen continues to chip away with the gap down to 1.9s.

Lap 52

And it drops again to 1.3s, but it's one thing catching a car here and quite another passing. Turn one is the best opportunity with the DRS but we haven't seen anybody do it so far. It's going to come down to tyres and the difference between Hamilton's older ones and Raikkonen's newer tyres on the Lotus.

Lap 53

Raikkonen told to turn his KERS down until he gets closer to Hamilton. The gap is now 0.9s.

Vettel runs a tad wide in the chicane as he drops to 2.7s off the back of Grosjean. He has the oldest tyres of the top four.

Lap 54

Raikkonen remains 0.9s off Hamilton, but that's across the line. He doesn't appear to be close enough at the detection point for the DRS to activate it on the pit straight. 15 laps remain.

Vettel told he needs to push a little bit more as he closes on Grosjean again.

Lap 55

This time Raikkonen did have his DRS open and looks closer to the McLaren.

Lap 56

Webber pits from fifth place. He was on softs. He comes out behind Senna in eighth.

Lap 57

Raikkonen is a little further back on this lap. Grosjean is now 4.1s off Raikkonen and Vettel is 1.3s off the second Lotus.

Lap 58

Raikkonen closes again on this lap with the help of DRS and KERS combined. But he's still not close enough to consider a pass into turn one.

Lap 59

Vettel pits. He takes on soft tyres and will now go for a sprint until the end. Vettel doesn't lose a position and comes out just ahead of Alonso. The Ferrari is pushing very hard to find a way past but couldn't get by.

Lap 60

Raikkonen says his only hope of getting past is if Hamilton "loses his rear tyres". He just cannot get close enough to try a pass.

Schumacher retires. He was a lap down and it looks like Mercedes has retired him in order to take a fresh gearbox at the next race.

Lap 61

Unsurprisingly, Vettel is now the fastest man on the track but he is 17s behind Grosjean.

Hamilton is told he is doing a great job and to keep looking after the tyres as he is doing. At the moment it doesn't look like Raikkonen will get a sniff at the lead with 8 laps remaining.

Lap 62

A few mistakes from Raikkonen as he pushes hard behind Hamilton. But the gap remains 0.8s to the McLaren.

Lap 63

So it looks like Raikkonen is pushing harder but Hamilton is capable of soaking it up.

Vettel continues to set fastest laps and is now 13.4s behind Grosjean.

Webber is now 0.6s off Senna and will be keen to take that seventh place before the end.

Lap 64

Hamilton sets a personal best lap time and doesn't look like he is close to hitting "the cliff" yet with his tyres. Raikkonen continues to hustle his Lotus behind.

Lap 65

Karthikeyan has hit the barriers by the looks of it. Damage to his suspension as he tries to find a place to park it. Nothing major so no safety car needed.

Meanwhile, Raikkonen remains 0.9s off Hamilton.

Lap 66

Vettel now has the gap down to 8.8s to Grosjean. That could become interesting with four laps to go and the Red Bull on new soft tyres and the Lotus on very used mediums.

Webber still can't find a way past Senna and looks like he will have to settle for eighth.

Lap 67

Hamilton eases his car out of the DRS gap to Raikkonen and 1.2s is now the difference.

Yellow flags are still out for Karthikeyan's car.

Vettel is 7.3s off Grosjean so might not get close enough.

Lap 68

Raikkonen remains 1.2s off Hamilton and it looks like he will have to settle for another second place.

Lap 69

Hamilton wins in Hungary. Raikkonen crosses the line 1.0s behind in second. Grosjean holds off Vettel for fourth.

Alonso extends his lead to 40 points ahead of Webber in the drivers' championship and 42 points ahead of Vettel. Hamilton is 47 points off Alonso and Raikkonen is 48 points adrift.

Hamilton celebrates on top of his car, pointing to his team members and family on the other side of the fence.

Hamilton starts the final lap with a second lead over Raikkonen. Vettel is 3.4s off Grosjean. Webber is 0.6s off Senna for seventh but hasn't got past in turn one.

Thanks for joining us for the Hungarian Grand Prix. Stay logged on to ESPNF1 for all the news and post-race reaction from the paddock.