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Horner unfazed by flexi-wing complaints

ESPNF1 Staff
July 30, 2010 « Ferrari to decide on flexi-wing | »
Christian Horner says his technical team should be flattered by the envy of others © Sutton Images

Christian Horner says his Red Bull team should not be unduly worried that his rivals continue to raise suspicions about the design of the RB6, including the new flexible front wing.

Red Bull's latest innovation, which significantly increases downforce has raised many eyebrows around the paddock concerning its legality. And the flexi-wing worked to brilliant effect during the first free practice session at the high-downforce Hungaroring, the Sebastian Vettel topping the times from his team-mate with third placed Robert Kubica over a second off the pace.

But with the FIA passing Red Bull's latest innovation, Horner is happy that his car remains legal and says his team should take it as a compliment that such a fuss is being made.

"There haven't been many bits they haven't complained about," Horner told Autosport. "I suppose there is always the paint colour, or something like that.

"A lot of fuss has been made about the front wing - this week it is the front wing, last week it was the diffuser, the week before it was the suspension, the week before that it was active ride height.

"At the end of the day we are very happy that the car complies with the regulations and the tests that the FIA have carried out. The car is in compliance with the regulations, and I think the technical team should take it is a compliment when others are questioning the legality."