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Korean Grand Prix 'definitely happening'

ESPNF1 Staff
April 21, 2010 « Toro Rosso not to look at F-duct technology | »

The head of the Korean International Circuit has told Autosport that his venue will be ready in time for October's grand prix despite media reports last week which questioned its readiness.

Bernie Ecclestone, who visited the circuit ahead of last weekend's Chinese Grand Prix, said he was "absolutely sure" it would be ready, and now Yung Cho Chung, the CEO and president of race organisers KAVO, has spoken out to confirm all is well.

"This week we have heard these stories about us, and I am actually now quite thankful because in the last week everybody is now interested in the race and it has switched back that it is definitely happening," he told the magazine. "Ecclestone was there and he clarified everything, so I have to thank him."

Chung said the venue was around 80% complete and went out of his way to flag that it will have an identity of its own, a reaction to recent criticism that the new generation of tracks have a uniform blandness.

"Our circuit and grandstands will have beacons like old style signal. Around the world it is sad that so many circuits look similar, but when you come to Korea you will recognise it as being the Korean track."

Chung also denied reports there were not enough hotel rooms to accommodate the F1 roadshow. "I always say that people will have to bring their own tents," he joked. "There is no problem. We have the new airport and you can fly right down there. We also have express railways that are only three hours from Seoul. There are lots of rooms around there, and enough hotels."