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Red Bull 'have potential to dominate' - Horner

ESPNF1 Staff
March 16, 2010 « Mosley to blame for F1 situation insists Coulthard | »
Sebastian Vettel in charge before the mechanical problems hit © Getty Images
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Red Bull's Christian Horner admitted the mechanical failure which cost Sebastian Vettel a likely win at the Bahrain Grand Prix was "very frustrating" but said overall he was happy that the cars had "fantastic pace".

Speaking to Formula1.com, Horner said Red Bull "have the potential to dominate, whereas many others departed Sakhir knowing they have more than just a missing tenth or two to find ahead of Australia".

While there was disappointment that Vettel eventually only managed fourth, Horner argued it was a great result. "What he managed to do is unbelievable. He had corner speeds that were almost beyond gravity. He was driving flawlessly, without even the slightest mistake. Sebastian had controlled the race and after lap three we were able to reduce on fuel because it was not necessary. Alonso did three laps to catch-up but was falling back again after those laps because of the tyres.

"We had a fast car this weekend - one that was very capable of winning the race, but we didn't. This is something that we have to swallow first."

With regard to criticism over the processional nature of the race, Horner was cautious. "What I fear is that we will end up with many one-stop races. I was pushing very hard for two stops because with how the cars are and how the fuel regulations are we will see a lot of races like this."