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Webber unhappy about using lower-spec wing

ESPNF1 Staff
July 10, 2010 « Red Bull 'just quick everywhere' - Vettel | »

Mark Webber was clearly unhappy after qualifying for the British Grand Prix, as he was forced to run with a lower-spec front wing than his team-mate Sebastian Vettel who took pole.

The team had just two examples of the new front wing at the circuit and one was broken when it became detached from Vettel's car during final practice. With just one new front wing between two cars, Red Bull decided to fit it to Vettel's RB6 on the basis of championship position and practice performance.

Vettel took pole position ahead of Webber, who, when asked what he thought about the situation, said: "I think the team is happy with the result today."

To make things worse for the Australian will now be starting from the dirtier side of the grid, which affords less grip off the line.

"I would rather be third on the grid probably, we know second on the grid at most sides is shit," said Webber. "If Fernando [Alonso in third] wants to change we will see if we can," he joked.

But Vettel said the difference between the front wings was minimal and denied that he was shown favouritism by the team.

"I think in the end if you look back to the qualifying session it was extremely tight," he said. "In Q1 we were pretty much the same, in Q2 I was struggling and in Q3 I was ahead. "From the outside, it is often quite difficult to judge what is going on. We know what we are doing, I think.

"I don't think it is black and white answer on the wing but I was very happy I could continue with the same kind of wing."