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Williams 'not far away' from being the best team - Maldonado

ESPN Staff
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Pastor Maldonado became the fifth different winner from five different teams in five races in Spain © Sutton Images
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Pastor Maldonado believes that Williams is "not that far" from being the best team on the grid this season.

After winning his first ever grand prix in Barcelona - the first Williams victory in eight years - Maldonado is one of the favourites for the Monaco Grand Prix this weekend. He admitted that the close nature of the field would make another win difficult, but said the improvement Williams has shown means it is moving closer to the front.

"It's really special to win, especially the first one," Maldonado said. "But for sure it's going to be difficult now because the cars and the teams are so close. Everything can make a difference, we need to put everything together to make a step forward and I need to say that Williams is doing a very good job at the moment.

"All the people are very motivated, they are pushing so hard - me too - there's a very good feeling and atmosphere in the team but still we need to improve our car. We are not at 100% at the moment; we are not the best team but we are not that far (away), we are there and we need to try to improve every time."

Looking specifically at Monaco, Maldonado said that he was confident of being quick but that it could be difficult to find clear track to display the pace.

"I've always been so quick here, especially in GP2 and World Series as well. Last year I was doing a job - I was P6 (before being taken out by Lewis Hamilton) - but it's always difficult, it's always difficult. With this kind of track you never know, with the traffic, with everything. The track is going to change a lot during the weekend, we need to follow the track and we need to have very good balance in the car as well and be ready at the right time on the track. I will do my best again and we'll see; I think it's still possible to be competitive here."