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Copulating kangeroo causes rugby row
ESPN Staff
June 26, 2013
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A giant advertisement for the Australia-British Lions rugby featuring a kangaroo mounting a Lion has caused a few raised eyebrows in Victoria and questions over what constitutes bad taste.

The 170 metre by 90 metre advert for a betting company is situated near the international airport in Melbourne and is designed in such a way that passengers can see it clearly from airplanes.

The slogans have caused as much of a debate as the imagery - "Rooting for the wallabies" with the twitter hashtag #rootingforoz - with critics arguing it could offend tourists and children.

A spokesman for the company said: "What better way to get behind the Wallabies than to create a massive wallaby getting behind a lion?"

But Victoria's planning minister was unamused, telling a local radio station last week it "better be 'ploughed in before the end of the day," adding: "It is crass. It is not the kind of welcome to Melbourne that I expect. To welcome international visitors to Melbourne with that image is not good enough."

The advertisement remains and the Victorian government is now threatening court action.

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