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 If he complains, it's too bad   Perennial backmarker Narain Karthikeyan responds to criticism from Red Bull's Adrian Newey after he held up Sebastian Vettel at the US Grand Prix November 18, 2012

 Sometimes you let some emotion show and I don't think someone should be ashamed about that   Sebastian Vettel holds firm in the cold light of day after his criticism of Narain Karthikeyan at the Malaysian Grand Prix April 4, 2012

 Some of these guys when you get lapped, they just try and bully you so much, it's not fair   Narain Karthikeyan with a less than convincing defence if his driving after the collision with Sebastian Vettel at the Malaysian Grand Prix March 26, 2012

 Formula One is the top of the sport and should be full of talent that have got the results during their career and have been kicking arse since they were kids   Tonio Liuzzi makes his views on the F1 driver market clear as he hopes to land the final place on the grid at HRT January 25, 2012

 I'm not bothered if Jaime is going to HRT or not   Fernando Alonso shows there isn't much love between the Spaniards in Formula One when asked about Jaime Alguersuari's future December 20, 2011

 I have balls - I say and do what I think. Many of these gentlemen are just administrators - they're like bank clerks.   HRT team principal Colin Kolles explains what seperates him from the rest of the team bosses in F1 August 11, 2011

 The blame game starts when your seat is under threat.   Narain Karthikeyan reacts angrily to Felipe Massa blaming him for causing an accident at the Canadian Grand Prix June 13, 2011

 I felt bad but you cannot compete in Formula One on the cheap.   Race steward Johnny Herbert on the decision to stop HRT competing in the Australian Grand Prix after its cars failed to make the 107% rule March 29, 2011

 We created a miracle again, but it wasn't enough.   HRT boss Colin Kolles on the miracle of failing to qualify at Albert Park March 27, 2011

 I think our car is quicker than last year's car. Significantly.   HRT boss Colin Kolles on his team's 2011 car ...sadly, nobody can tell as it failed to make an appearance on track ahead of the season-opener in Melbourne March 13, 2011

 I know full well that Rome wasn't built in a day.   Tonio Liuzzi faces up to life at HRT March 10, 2011

 The team and I are under no illusions, and don't expect any miracles in 2011.   Immediate realities from Narain Karthikeyan within days of signing for HRT January 10, 2011

 Enormous respect to those guys, ragging the arse off that thing around Silverstone and Brands Hatch in those days   Karun Chandhok on driving a Williams FW08 up the Goodwood hill climb July 3, 2010

 Physically if you're not there, you haven't got a chance.   Eddie Jordan lays into Bruno Senna's level of fitness May 29, 2010

 His car just missed my head. I ducked down and it came over and hit the roll hoop.   HRT's Karun Chandhok narrowly avoids being decapitated by Jarno Trulli May 16, 2010

 Tired of walking back to my hotel through the crowd of drunk fans spilling beer on me while taking pictures.   The magic of Monaco wears thin on Karun Chandhok May 16, 2010

 I'm very proud and patriotic to be Indian but the visa processes are a pain … it would be good if they fast-tracked sportsmen.   HRT's Karun Chandhok calls for priority treatment ...join the queue like the rest of us April 24, 2010

 I'm disappointed at the level of engineering in the car and I don't think it reflects current F1 practice by quite some margin.   HRT technical boss Geoff Willis with some blunt admissions about the team's car April 6, 2010

  If you're not world champion, you're shit.   Rookie Bruno Senna on how Brazilian fans view the country's Formula One drivers March 10, 2010

 The same security guy who shoved me down the road last year to park in the desert waved me through the gate today.   F1 newcomer Karun Chandhok on the difference a year makes March 10, 2010

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