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 Ron and I have spoken a lot during the year, we have been together for some dinners and I want to say some hotel rooms but it sounds very bad!    Fernando Alonso avoids putting his foot in his mouth when explaining how he and McLaren CEO Ron Dennis mended their relationship December 11, 2014

 All those years I had only one feeling remaining to do: I was happy with everything I had done apart from 2007. I didn't achieve, didn't deliver, the best of myself.   Fernando Alonso gives a frank assessment about his first stint at McLaren after his return to the Woking outfit December 11, 2014

 They will immediately get a wedge in there, but I can tell you now you'll be wasting your time.   McLaren CEO Ron Dennis warns the media about how it reports his rekindled partnership with Fernando Alonso December 11, 2014

 Sometimes management is pissed off with me because I tell them what's going to happen    Niki Lauda on his relationship with his bosses at Mercedes December 8, 2014

 Yesterday I was a lucky boy. The correct angle of impact saved me.   Mark Webber reveals just how close he was to a fatal injury after surviving a huge shunt at the World Endurance Championship finale in Brazil December 2, 2014

 There are a lot of fairytales about Ferrari and how it feels to drive a red car. In the end I can only confirm these fairytales. It's not just a story; it's a true legend that exists.   It sounds like Sebastian Vettel had quite a good time during his first Ferrari test at Fiorano after his switch from Red Bull December 1, 2014

 There are things I would do differently; that's natural. But regrets? No    It's hard to imagine Nico Rosberg is being entirely truthful about the 2014 campaign after being beaten to the world championship by Lewis Hamilton November 31, 2014

 This is the greatest day of my life and it's really due to all the people around me.    Lewis Hamilton describes what it feels like to win a second world drivers' title. November 23, 2014

 Lewis can do something to keep it clean, which is drive cleanly himself.    Nico Rosberg takes a swipe at Lewis Hamilton ahead of their title showdown in Abu Dhabi November 20, 2014

 Why do they want to do that? Is it to sell them something? Most of these kids haven't got any money.    Bernie Ecclestone gives his rather bizarre reasons for not wanting to engage a younger audience November 14, 2014

 I'm not interested in tweeting, Facebook and whatever this nonsense is.   Bernie Ecclestone demonstrates just how little he understands about the world of modern media November 14, 2014

 If common sense doesn't prevail nothing will be done and some crazy solutions will come up which won't be solutions.   Lotus boss Gerard Lopez calls on the decision-makers in F1 to do the right thing with regards to helping smaller teams remain in the sport November 11, 2014

 I can't remember yesterday like it was yesterday.   Rob Smedley's memory appears to be fading with age after he is asked whether he remembers Felipe Massa losing the title in 2008 like it was yesterday November 9, 2014

 Ay ay ay ay! Why do I start in qualifying with low battery? How is this possible? How?   Fernando Alonso gets animated in Brazil after an uncharged battery forced him to abort a Q1 lap November 8, 2014

 To quote another racing driver: I'm very excited about my future. And the difference is I believe it and its true.   With his F1 future in doubt, Jenson Button has a dig at Fernando Alonso, the man who may replace him at Ferrari, on his recent comments November 6, 2014

 Every day is a rumour and even today I read that I had bought Marussia for one dollar. It's absolutely not true!   Fernando Alonso with proof rumours in the F1 paddock are getting slightly out of hand November 6, 2014

 Ferrari is very focused on making the cake bigger, not on changing the way of how to slice the actual cake.   Ferrari team boss Marco Mattiacci makes it clear Ferrari has no intention of giving up its current share of F1's revenues November 4, 2014

 Frankly, I know what's wrong but don't know how to fix it.   Frank indeed. Bernie Ecclestone tells the media there will be no easy answer to F1's cost crisis admist threats of boycotts in Austin November 2, 2014

 The problem is there is too much money probably being distributed badly - probably my fault. But like lots of agreements people make, they seemed a good idea at the time.   Bernie Ecclestone admits he may have erred in negotiating contracts which favour the big teams financially November 1, 2014

 In the end, they were bound to drop off, and they may not be the last.    Former FIA president Max Mosley gives a stark warning Caterham and Marussia may not be the last teams to enter administration in the near future October 28, 2014

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