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 I'm convinced that together we'll be involved in the fight for the world championship next year.    A confident Michael Schumacher on his return to F1 in 2010 December 23, 2009

 We have to accept that there is another Michael, not the real Michael that we knew.   Ferrari boss Luca di Montezemolo expresses bewilderment at the likely comeback of Michael Schumacher December 18, 2009

 Bring it on, the sexier the better.   Tony Fernandes accepts Sir Richard Branson's cross-dressing challenge December 16, 2009

 I am really not into cross-dressing.   Virgin's Alex Tai on his boss Richard Branson's air stewardess challenge with Lotus team principal Tony Fernandes. December 15, 2009

 Put any seasoned executive into F1 and they turn into a big kid.   Gerard Lopez on why he is interested in buying the Renault Formula One team December 10, 2009

 We have to be ahead of Branson, otherwise I will retire and kill myself.   Lotus team boss Tony Fernandes might be taking the battle with the Manor/Virgin team too seriously December 9, 2009

 Who knows? Anything can happen.    Former world champion Michael Schumacher refuses to rule out a comeback and in so doing guarantees weeks more of speculation December 6, 2009

 For the liquor business we have a large number of women in the branding and marketing team. Now, I am looking for an F1 woman driver.   Force India's shy and retiring boss Vijay Mallya applies some questionable logic to decide he needs a woman to drive for his team November 30, 2009

 We had a nice fight ... I just come back to this event to use whatever there is left of a talent.    Former world champion Michael Schumacher on his winning karting weekend with former Formula One greats November 30, 2009

 The FIA has been used as a tool to exact vengeance on behalf of one man.   The solicitor representing Flavio Briatore argues his client's case as he sought to have Briatore's lifetime ban overturned November 24, 2009

 Life is all about challenges - and, most important of all, it's about challenging yourself.   World champion Jenson Button on why he moved to McLaren November 20, 2009

 They need to go and buy a pen.   Bernie Ecclestone when asked what Silverstone needed to do to get the 2010 British Grand Prix November 16, 2009

 I hope in a short time that everybody remembers me for being Bruno, myself, and not for my uncle's surname.   A short-term dream and short-term improbability from Bruno Senna at a press conference to announce he was joining the Campos team November 11, 2009

 It's a brand made to compete; sometimes they win the title, sometimes not, but there are no disastrous periods.   Fernando Alonso on Ferrari November 9, 2009

 You are never 100% sure but I would say 99%.   Team boss Ross Brawn on the prospects of keeping world champion Jenson Button. Within a fortnight Button had signed for McLaren November 5, 2009

 I have no idea. It's not the sort of thing we do is it?   Formula One boss Bernie Ecclestone when asked if Toyota would be sued for quitting the sport November 3, 2009

 People want to build new circuits around the world and they say: 'We'll come to Silverstone and have a look how it's done', and I tell them to stay away.   F1 overlord Bernie Ecclestone says what we all knew anyway ... he's no fan of Silverstone September 26, 2009

 Michael's return is great news. He will be the saviour of Formula One after what we've gone through this year with all the politics.   Niki Lauda welcomes the planned return of Michael Schumacher ... but it was shortlived as the German had to abort his comeback because of neck problems July 9, 2009

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