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 Every so often, Bernie likes to play the boss and gets involved in matters that don't concern him ... Godfathers no longer exist, at least not in F1   Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo with another year-end dig at Bernie Ecclestone December 21, 2012

 Of course we have had our successes in the past three years, but not consistently enough so a direction had to be set and a marker laid down   Mercedes' outgoing boss Norbert Haug explains why he decided to step down December 15, 2012

 Vettel is the rightful champion as he earned more points than anyone. It's plain for everyone to see   Fernando Alonso tries to defuse any tension between Sebastian Vettel and Ferrari following the end of season flag controversy December 13, 2012

 This corner, you are really shit   Davide Valsecchi tells it as it is to ESPNF1 assistant editor Chris Medland during a karting session December 10, 2012

 Thanks buddy.. Yep we not all w***ers..   Mark Webber responds to MotoGP rider Cal Crutchlow's tweet that he is getting more in to Formula One with typical honesty November 26, 2012

 Right to the end I didn't know if I'd done enough. Trundling along behind the safety car and then dragging over the line was just torture   A relieved Sebastian Vettel after clinching his third drivers' championship in Brazil November 25, 2012

 It was just maximum stress all the way through that race   Red Bull's Christian Horner immediately after the remarkable season final in Brazil November 25, 2012

 Honestly, if this happens I will race with the gearbox broken   Felipe Massa makes clear that he would not tolerate another team-imposed grid penalty at his home race in Brazil November 24, 2012

 Our record shows that the team can build a reliable car and that I know how to drive it   Kimi Raikkonen reiterates that he knows what he's doing as he goes in to the final grand prix of the season having finished every race so far November 20, 2012

 With the drivers' championship still in the balance and only a week away we can't afford to get too obliterated tonight   Adrian Newey is determined to keep his mind on the job despite Red Bull taking its third consecutive constructors' championship November 19, 2012

 If he complains, it's too bad   Perennial backmarker Narain Karthikeyan responds to criticism from Red Bull's Adrian Newey after he held up Sebastian Vettel at the US Grand Prix November 18, 2012

 It's a very strange sport where you can gain an advantage by sabotaging a team member   Former world champion Damon Hill on Ferrari's decision to deliberately break the seal on Felipe Massa's gearbox to help Fernando Alonso's grid position at the US Grand Prix November 18, 2012

 In the end overtaking is only possible when a faster driver is behind a slower driver. If it is the opposite then overtaking is not possible   A stunning revelation from controversial track designer Hermann Tilke Well, we never figured that one out .... November 15, 2012

 It's been tricky, even on good weekends. We've had a problem pretty much every weekend, lately. We need to stop it. I don't get it   A frustrated Jenson Button ponders problems with the 2012 McLarens November 6, 2012

 It was incredible how Sebastian came up from the pit lane. He must be the luckiest person in Formula One   The usual good grace in defeat from Lewis Hamilton after the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix November 4, 2012

 Just leave me alone, I know what I'm doing   Kimi Raikkonen, on his way to victory in Abu Dhabi, snaps back at his team after unwanted radio advice November 4, 2012

 For sure, we are going to have a good party tonight and after a long night we will remember why we feel like that   Kimi Raikkonen starts planning his victory celebrations during a post-race interview on the podium November 4, 2012

 Bullshit   Christian Horner responds to yet another question linking Sebastian Vettel with a move to Ferrari October 28, 2012

 Now we are fighting against Newey and at the moment we cannot match him   Fernando Alonso suggests he is fighting against Adrian Newey's design skills rather than Sebastian Vettel's driving skills October 27, 2012

 McLaren will always have a special place in my heart   Lewis Hamilton bids a fond farewell to employees at the McLaren factory October 23, 2012

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